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Apr 24, 2015
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Don’t skip your workouts just because it’s a weekend! Read this latest FHM Bionic edition of the 15 Things A Man Must Know  for all the fitspo you’ll need, including a beer mug that can get you drunk while working on your gains, a very good reason to stop smoking, and all sorts of folks with mala-halimaw fitness feats!

Let's get burnin'!

Good news for all the balbon guys (and girls) out there: Your hairs’ follicles are actually filled with stem cells, which help skin heal faster and as a bonus, helps spread your pheromones to lure in the opposite sex. Flaunt your hairy chests with pride!

bionic 15 thingsGIF via Giphy.com

Need some fitspiration? This wheelchair-bound Indian guy refused to let cancer stop him from achieving his dream to become a bodybuilder, working out his upper body despite his disability to produce some of the most impressive guns we’ve ever seen. This immediately makes any of your arguments to skip a workout day invalid.

bionic 15 thingsImage via Theladbible.com

So according to science, big boob lovers want to be the center of attention and are more likely to smoke and quit stuff easily while guys fond of smaller mammaries are usually richer. On the other hand, guys turned on by an impressive behind love having structure in their lives and have a high need for achievement. While we’re curious to know where you belong here, basta kami, we love them all!

bionic 15 thingsGIF via Giphy.com

Check this out: a beer mug that can give your arm a workout! Why didn’t anyone think of this before?

bionic 15 thingsImage via Shopbaxbo.com

Shelly is a tiny little girl who can crush your ass at weightlifting, thanks to all the intense training sessions she spend with her big bro. Can you imagine what’ll happen if her boyfriend gets on her bad side?

Video via Forest of Wolves Gym

It’s so easy to get frustrated quickly in the Philippines, where traffic is horrible, politicians are corrupt, and there’s just no shortage of bad news on TV. Here’s how you can tone down your rage: Ditch your beliefs that bad stuff shouldn’t happen to you, like the idea that EDSA traffic shouldn’t happen to you or that you shouldn’t have to bribe a government official.

Finally, accept that the universe won’t bend to your will, and that no amount of demanding could wish them away. Give it a try—it might just be the thing your sanity needs.


bionic 15 thingsGIF via Forums.soompi.com

Bad news for smokers: Science has proven that regular puffing can make your manoy shorter by up to one centimeter. Yikes.

bionic 15 thingsGIF via Breatheheavy.com

Damn, The Rock has probably never skipped leg day in his entire life. Those thighs look like they can kill a tiger or something.

bionic 15 things

Ethiopian Lelisa Desisa may be the first guy to cross the Boston Marathon finish line, but Maickel Melamed, who finished the race despite having muscular dystrophy, was the event’s real winner. Hats off to you, bro!

Video via Sun Light News

This video showcasing all the most notable shoes in NBA history is guaranteed to give you a sneakergasm. #Drool

Video via nicekicks

You runners might be interested in Skechers' GoRun4, a lightweight sneaker with a seam-free upper and an interior that excellently simulates being barefoot. Interesting!

bionic 15 thingsImage via Spin.ph

Russia: Where MMA fights involve jousting matches with sword-wielding knights in full armor. Please make this a global thing!

Video via Video via M-1 Global

As if we need another reminder why we shouldn’t mess with rugby players, this dude went back to his game ASAP after getting a compound fracture—meaning his bone went through his skin—during a tackle. Yowch!

bionic 15 things

A group of Pinoy mountaineers hiked through the Cordillera range to create the Philippines’ longest hiking trail and to raise awareness for the region’s abundant (and threatened) natural resources. A hat tip to you fellas!

bionic 15 things

Want a more efficient chest workout? Switch up your bench-press routine: Do a horizontal bench-press, and raise your arms’ incline to a 30-degree angle. That simple, bro.

bionic 15 thingsImage via Mensfitness.com