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May 22, 2015
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Since sweating it out by standing outside in the 40-degree summer heat does not qualify for a workout, we’ve gathered a handful of #Fitspo-related tidbits for you to use as motivation to stay in shape this season.

Read on to know more about cool new workouts, the perks of drinking coffee, and a couple of unlikely fitness idols!

In case you didn’t know, your sneakers’ "extra" lace holes are for locking in your feet to prevent them from getting blisters when you’re moving around. So, lace 'em up before you start running!

Video via Illumiseen

Eat This Much
is a diet planner app that tells you what exactly you should eat depending on what you want to achieve with your body. It’s like having your own nutritionist, but for a lot cheaper!

Video via Eat This Much

Bad news for the many Pinoys out there who are on the shorter side of the ruler: Research has shown that taller guys can get up to 15-percent more in terms of salaries than their smaller counterparts. Sigh.

fitspirationGIF via Tickld.com

Can’t function without your daily cup of joe? Good news: A new study shows that guys who drink between 85 and 170 milligrams of caffeine—the stuff in your coffee that makes you alert—can reduce the risk of erectile dysfunction by up to 42-percent. As that Taylor Swift song (sort of) goes, "calling all my Starbucks lovers!"

fitspirationGIF via Giphy.com

Spotify has announced its new Running component, which plays your songs to match your running tempo. The app even tapped musicians like Tiesto to create tracks that can give runners that extra speed boost. Cool, eh?

fitspirationImage via Techcrunch.com

Here’s (possibly) why those Crossfit sessions seem to work better on your friend than on you: your genes are most likely affecting your body’s response to exercise. Track your workout progress: If it doesn’t look like you’re improving after months of doing the same routine, it might be time to switch tactics.

fitspirationGIF via Giphy.com

Hugh "Jacked" Jackman may not have adamantium claws sprouting out of his knuckles but, judging by how he deadlifts 410 pounds, this 46-year-old superstar might as well be a real-life superhuman.

fitspirationImage via Reddit.com

Guess what: Pro athletes have bodily insecurities, too. So don’t feel too bad if you can’t achieve your ideal form: remember, the important thing is what you can do with it.


Video via BuzzFeedBlue

Russian president Vladimir Putin once again proved he is the manliest man alive by scoring eight goals during an exhibition hockey game, beating legends like Pavel Bure and leading his team to victory. Because that’s what shirtless horseback-riding, rifle-toting, F1 car-driving leaders do, right?

Video via RuptlyTV

Have you ever wondered why you sometimes find it hard to remember the names of people you just met? Here’s probably the reason why: The more interested you are in someone, the more effort you’ll give to make your new connection stand out in your mind. So, no, you’re not a forgetful idiot. You simply don’t really care about the guy you just spoke to.

Video via AsapSCIENCE

How does yoga for guys sound? Introducing Broga, which incorporates yoga poses into typical man activities like gaming and downing beers. Breathe in, bro out.

fitspirationImage via Hrothstein.com

This video of guys doing parkour on moving cars is cool, but if they really want to impress us, they should’ve done this during rush hour…in Metro Manila. Subukan kaya nila ‘yan sa Commonwealth.

Video via DanceOn

So apparently scientists have found out that too much sex can make a guy unhappy. We refuse to believe that because how in the world can you even have too much sex?! Sex is sex, and as long as we’re getting laid, we’re good, right?

fitspirationGIF via Giphy.com

Here’s why you get those late-night food cravings: Your brain doesn’t find food as rewarding at night, causing you to overeat. That’s something to keep in mind the next time you get the urge to raid the fridge at 1 a.m.

fitspirationGIF via dqfanfood

Bartosz Ostalowski
lost his arms 10 years ago in a bar accident, but he sure didn’t let that stop him from pursuing his dream of being a pro drifter. The guy drives a Nissan Skyline R34 using his feet, and boy, can he handle a wheel better than a UV Express driver swerving around C5 during rush hour. You go, bro!

Video via Drift.ro