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Dec 19, 2016
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Social media's toxicity has gone up to insurmountable levels.

From fake news to mindless trolls, these detrimental elements are slowly eating up the information superhighway and putting a halt to intelligent discourse.

Good thing it still has a few bright spots. Our current favorite: comedian Ethel Booba's Twitter account.

Not giving a damn what about what other people think of her (according to her bio), Ethel indulges her followers with her brand of smart humor and social savvy.

Below are 20 tweets that epitomize her charot-loaded wit and wisdom:

When she made you realize that you shouldn't have asked in the first place

When she was able to talk matters of the heart at the same time had her fans brush up on current events and social issues

When she turned dirty 'hugot' into real talk

When she came out of nowhere with those witty references

When her Leni Robredo-themed posts just killed it

When her mastery of the subtle diss was clear as day

When her rebuttal to the critics of sex education made perfect sense

When the essence of her tweets was beyond grammar


When she didn't even need a full sentence to make you laugh

When she proved that she is the Queen of Comebacks

When she did better than any other courtside reporter at the UAAP Cheerdance Competition