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Dec 30, 2013
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We're now only a sleep away from the New Year! You know what that means: Putukan na, mga ser!

But hold up, fellas! Many of you have already bought fireworks and firecrackers, or are at least planning to. But before you light 'em up, let us reiterate one thing: It can be very, very dangerous! The annual New Year's injury count by the DOH, not to mention their countless advisories and ads, will attest to this.

So how about you go the safer route this year? We know, torotots and the like might be lame, but there are several other nifty alternatives that won't book you a trip to the nearest hospital. And the best part is, it all looks really awesome and can be done right inside your crib!

Below are five easy, relatively safe, homemade paputok alternatives you can use to celebrate 2014's arrival!

1) The Soda Explosion


You'll need: A large bottle (one- to two-liter/s) of Coke. A tube of Mentos

Do it: Place a piece of Mentos in the soda bottle. Step back and watch the frothy explosion happen!

For more awesomeness: Line up several soda bottles and have your bros place a piece of Mentos in each one simultaneously for a literally sweet "fountain" display.

2) The Volcano


You'll need: Vinegar, baking soda, liquid hand soap, some cardboard and/or paper

Do it: Using the cardboard and paper, create a cone that resembles that of Mount Mayon. Then, place about two tablespoons of baking soda inside it. Mix about an ounce of vinegar and a teaspoon of the liquid hand soap in a small container. Pour it inside your mini volcano and watch a small eruption happen!

For more awesomeness: There will be no loud explosions in this one. So, to make it more New Year's Eve-worthy, add a few drops of red or yellow food coloring for more badass spewing.

3) Colored Fire


You'll need: A bunch of glow sticks; something that spins or turns (e.g. electric fan, bicycle wheel); a strong adhesive

Do it: In our case, we'll use an electric fan. On its blades (choose a fan that uses rubber or plastic for added safety) attach the glow sticks using an adhesive that can withstand the spinning (if you're gonna use tape, use the transparent type or Scotch tape). Five to ten glow sticks on each blade are enough. Also, go with a pattern (i.e. tracing the contours of each blade) and place glow sticks with the same color on each blade. Turn the fan on and watch out for a display of colors that will last way longer than your kapitbahay's fountain.


For more awesomeness: Cover or attach glow sticks on both sides of each blade for a better, brighter effect. #RaveRaveDinPagMayTime

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