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Mar 23, 2016
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There are a handful of expressions from last year that seriously have been retired by now.

Bae. Netflix and chill. Anything with a hashtag and the suffix "-goals."

God knows who came up with these terms, but what's important is they're almost totally erased from our short-term digital parlance.

One term we wouldn't mind keeping for a while, however, is "fitspiration."

Generally connoting positivity, the usage of the term on social media hasn't waned, unlike its counterparts. Perhaps it helps that it doesn't immediately annoy people when they first hear it, unlike #feels and "that [insert awesome thing here] tho."

Another reason why the term's use hasn't died down just yet are visual representations like this one:

Boasting 4.7 million followers on Instagram, we may not be the first ones to take a gander at Anne Curtis' glorious midsection but no way are we not making a story about it.

Yep, photos like this are proof that #fitspiration is here to stay.