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Aug 4, 2014
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Have you seen our latest issue? If not, here's a quick look at what you'll see on physical/digital newsstands; go on and get it, guys! We put the beautiful Beauty Gonzalez on the cover—and on the pages, a bevy of other wonderful ladies, plus all the things the modern Filipino man needs to know.

Receiving your regular dose of FHM's all fine and dandy, but some dudes also end up asking themselves this question: What do I have to do to snag a woman as fine as those on FHM? Well, we say, above anything else, you have to be yourself. Chicks dig honesty and confidence. Naks!

However, sometimes we need to make a few slight upgrades. With that, we present to you the apps that can help you make positive changes in different ways. So go on, grab your handset, DL now, and be (possibly) on your way to increasing your man points (and sex appeal)!


apps for men
Take it from the ladies: A subtle change in hairstyle can work wonders for your physical appearance! But you don't have to stick with the standard cut/shave from your neighborhood barbero. Men's Hairstyles lets you do a virtual try-on of different dude haircuts and styles, and even spruces up your new look with beards and moustaches.

It could very well be your one-way ticket from looking like this:

apps for men

No looking back, bro. No. Looking. Back.

Get it: $1.99 (around P87) on iTunes


apps for men
Ganda ng gupit mo
, pogi! But, has your wardrobe been upgraded as well? No? Let Cool Guy clue you in on today's cool threads—those old jeans, shirts and sneakers won't cut it anymore. If you find anything you like, you can buy it online through the app, too. It even does you a solid while you pack for travel!

Get it: Free on iTunes and Google Play


apps for men
If weight loss/maintenance is one of your remaining goals for 2014, please keep this in mind: It's all about healthy eating, not just cutting down on your intake! MyFitnessPal also knows this, and will keep track of how many calories you've gobbled. It also suggests exercises, does custom goals and reports, and claims to make the arduous task of calorie-counting enjoyable. For that last one alone, we'll give it a spin.

Get it: Free on iTunes and Google Play

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