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Apr 20, 2016
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Think of your barkada as an office unit. Each member has a role to fulfill. Just like a healthy mix of specialists, you come from different backgrounds, offering varied skills. One can cook, one is particularly adept at navigating, and one is just freakishly physically strong. To make your endeavor, the out-of-town trip, a success, each has to be pulling one's weight.

What are these roles? That's what we list below. So which one are you?

1) The Organizer
We're all about breaking stereotypical gender roles, but this task often falls on a woman. They're just more...organized. They've got itineraries written down neatly in their head—each stop carefully considered according to the make-up of the group. She (okay, sometimes a he) plots down a list of activities one might be able to do at a location, having encyclopedic knowledge on what's hot and what's not. If it's a more simple lounge-around at the beach, she makes sure that everyone gets their assignments on what to bring to make the trip fun for the entire group.

2) The Driver
Also known as the person with access to the biggest car in the barkada, most likely a van or an SUV. You make sure that your ride is in tip-top shape to avoid incidents that might delay the trip. Every second counts if it's just an overnight trip because we'd rather be basking under the sun on the sand than replacing a flat tire. You're also a Waze expert—and your car has one of those phone-holders attached to the windshield—meaning you can immediately identify potentially incorrect suggestions from the app.

How to be an okay driver: Avoid incidents like the one above

3) The Co-Driver
Play some good music during the trip, and help navigate in case it gets hard for the main pilot.

4) The (Junk Food) Feeder
Hey, it's a vacation after all! You're the goddamn emperor of sodium-heavy, sucrose-filled chips, crackers, chocolates, and whatnot. You know when the snack-gods have blessed the world with a new matcha-infused, wasabi-flavored bag of chips with four kinds of cheese—and you're not about to let the trip end without the entire gang experience it. Your mating call: "Guys, tikman ninyo 'to! Ang sarap!" 

5) The Strong One
If this was basketball, you'd be the team's enforcer, ready to bang with the heaviest coolers and fattest luggages around. All those gym hours feel like they've paid off whenever someone accepts your offer to carry their stuff for them. Picked up some local groceries and fresh meat and fishes from around the area before heading to that remote, virginal beach? It's your time to shine, bro.


6) The Chef
You've always dreamed of opening a restaurant someday. So far, your only patrons have been your family—at least until barkada outing season comes around. It. Is. Time. You've got mad knife skills, can tell a good tomato from a bad tomato, and have figured out just how much exactly a pinch of salt and pepper is. It's just another beach run, but who cares, you're fucking busting out the paella especiale tonight!

7) The Grill Master
Muscle guy is already tired of carrying the heavy stuff. So it's your turn to put your moderately sized musculature to good use. You're an expert at finding makeshift fans and old newspapers you can use to start up a fire. You know when it's time to put in some more coal or when to douse the flames when it gets too intense. Your eyes are calibrated to identify when that squid-on-a-stick is about to become too gummy or when a slab of pork is still a bit too rare. But here's the most special trait of all: You have zero fear of getting your hands near that scorching grill when it's time to turn the meat around or when a stick gets too far inside the grill.

8) The Post-Meal Clean-Up Crew
In other words: wash the dishes. Enjoyed the paella? Wash the dishes. Tummy happy from that fourth stick of perfectly cooked BBQ? Wash the dishes. Had more than your fair share of extra rice? Wash the dishes. And the knives, the chopping board, the forks, and spoons—and throw away the peelings and trash while you're at it. 

9) The Joker
Whether you're waiting for the sunset or the sunrise, you always have something funny to say. And they're funny enough that the group will be retelling them until it hurts even after you've parted ways back in the city.

10) The Photog
Sure, every phone has a camera nowadays. But you've got a bigger, fancier one. Put it to good use. And what's that? You just bought an expensive, ultra-sharp, eye-searing lens? Well, now's the best time to use it. Immortalize your trips in super high-definition, and marvel at how sharp everyone's skin looks. Make sure to upload the photos no later than a week after or else face the hassles of having to deal with "Bro, san na 'yung photos?" inquiries every morning.

'Bro, sa'n na yung photos?'

11) The Tansan Expert
Responsibilities: Uh-oh, someone forgot the can opener. Thankfully, you can use just about any other object to pop open a cold one—lighters, spoons, forks, the edge of a table, your teeth, your friend's teeth, anything. You're the best at what you do, and you absolutely hate it when people bring canned beers because what purpose do you serve now? Well, there's still number 12.


12) The Just Fun Person
Whether you're up in the mountains or surfing at La Union, just don't be that guy who's always complaining about how this trip is not going the way it's supposed to be or constantly worrying about jellyfish and such.