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Aug 1, 2013
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unioil euro iv fuel

Heads up, Pinoy motoristas! Independent oil company Unioil has just upgraded to Euro IV standards, a fancy way of saying all their fuels are now cleaner and more efficient! They're the first to completely do so here in the Philippines which makes this achievement even sweeter. Hanep!

But wait, what is this Euro IV we speak of? For the uninitiated, fuels that are Euro IV compliant meet European standards that dictate having a maximum sulfur content of just 50ppm (parts per million). In case you didn't know, sulfur in fuel ain't good news for the environment and our health. The biggie here is the fact that the current local standard is at 500ppi, making Euro IV fuels as much as 90 percent lower in terms of sulfur content.

unioil euro iv fuel

To further prove their point, Unioil partnered with the Department of Natural Resources' Environmental Management Bureau to do a little bit of testing. The result? Up to a whopping 83 percent cleaner emissions for their diesel and gasoline fuels compared to other products. Not only that; the findings also stated that Unioil's Euro IV products provide improved fuel efficiency and, ultimately, a cleaner engine for more power and a better performance from your ride.

Currently, Unioil is offering three Euro IV fuels: EuroDiesel IV, Euro IV Gasoline 95, and Euro IV Gasoline 97. All these are now available at your suking Unioil stations, so gas up and make Mother Nature proud.