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Sep 8, 2014
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Ah, driving. One of the many man skills every bro should know, especially in a country where public transpo sucks ass.

It's an essential tool. For some of us it's more than just a means to get around or make pasikat: driving can be another avenue to achieve superstardom. Which is why we've got dudes hoping to be the next Marlon Stockinger or, on a much grander scale, Michael Schumacher.

go karting tips"Huy! Hindi laruan 'yan!"

However, not all of us have the nerves of steel and innate manibela handling skills necessary to make it big on the track. Some of us might have it, but don't have the money to go abroad and sign up for an F1 racing school. Simply put, it's not the easiest career to pursue. So, paano na 'yan?

Don't lose hope, fellow pro driving hopefuls; we've got just the thing for you: Karting! Yes, karting, the motorsport where small, four-wheeled vehicles called karts or go-karts are kings of the track. Now before you dismiss it as pangbata, check out this video:

Whoever said that karting is child's play is a big fat liar. It's potentially dangerous, especially for first-timers. We don't want to scare you though, we just wanna make it clear that karting is: 1) a legit motorsport (despite the smaller rides) and; 2) it's actually recognized as an early stepping stone to becoming a professional race car driver.

We here at FHM were able to go karting (Thanks, Nokia!), and experience its thrills (and witnessed some spills)! We also took the time to chat with Mr. Pepon Marave, a beterano champion Pinoy racer who has extensive karting experience. Check out the gallery below for the interview and the highlights of our karting trip. Who knows? Maybe you can pick up a thing or two that could be useful for your goal of becoming a true racer.