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Aug 17, 2015
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The freezer is a wonderful thing. Able to slow down or even stop the growth of bacteria, it greatly extends the freshness of our foods and lets us enjoy grub we bought/prepared weeks, even months ago without having to worry about a bum stomach.

That being said, even with this godsend of an invention, #walangforever.

The question now is, how long can we really store food inside the freezer before the quality turns bad? The good men and women of FreezerLabels.net, a website for a group which specializes in making freezer food labels, came up with the very nifty infographic below that answers just that, so we won't have to "experiment."

freezer foods

Whoa! Who would've thought meats can go for up to a friggin' year inside a freezer? And how about pizza lasting up to 60 days in there? Truly surprising (and useful) information from one infographic!