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Jan 15, 2016
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If you grew up in the nineties, you must have fond memories of playing on the streets, a concept so alien to the #KidsOfToday. As soon as you came home from school and changed to your pambahay, you bang the door of every neighborhood kid and play with them until your own mom has to drag you home because you haven't done your assignments yet.

It's sad to think that not a lot of kids these days will never know how to play tumbang preso, or will probably think that we're crazy for thinking that jumping over a person (luksong baka) is fun. Their smartphones and tablets have all the fun they need, they say.

So, to remind you of the good old days, we've come up with a video that will leave you feeling all sorts of nostalgia. To up the ante, we asked some help from our gorgeous friends!



Video by: Engellheart Jarilla, Cyntchira Dela Cruz