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Apr 27, 2016
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Maxene Magalona isn't the only Filipino foreigner who hit up the deserts of Indio, California for Coachella last week. Our favorite summer dessert, halo-halo, also invaded the famous music and arts festival.

The treat was served by Filipino-American Chef Isa Fabro at the festival, where it became quite the hit—so much so that it was included in the list of LA Mag and LA Weekly's favorites at the festival.

While the usual halo-halo is made with banana, beans, corn, kaong, evaporated milk and shaved ice, Fabro’s version had an exciting twist. She mixed boba (think sago, but bigger), soft tofu, pineapple, coconut milk, fruity pebbles, and Red Bull.


Fabro told LA Mag in an interview that her recent trip to the Philippines inspired her to create Filipino delicacies with a twist.

"I was growing up eating all the Filipino foods, but when I was on this trip, I got to taste them the real way."

She continues: "I was able to eat dishes [and I'd think] 'Oh, I know what that is,' and then I tasted them, and I'm like, 'What is this?' Not to say that what I was eating before was bad, but now I can say I've had the real thing."

Aside from halo-halo, Fabro is known for her famous Brit-Filipino fusion pastry, kouign-amann ensaymadas.