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Jan 7, 2016
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We're now a week into the new year; how are those resolutions faring?

We all have that one friend who welcomed 2016 by posting a commitment or two to self-improvement. You, meanwhile, don't even have to wait intently to see them fail.

Different year, same story. Although we don't always have to be harsh in calling them out...

FHM teaches the basag-trip bro in you how NOT to respond to a friend who just wants to be better personally, no matter how implausible his/her goals are:

1) "This year, I will spend more time with my family!"

FHM's Basag Reply: "Psstt! Nag-text sa akin nanay mo, bakit daw hindi mo sinasagot 'yung tawag niya."

2) "This year, I will start saving up!"

FHM's Basag Reply: "Really? With your one day millionaire attitude? Come on..."

3) "This year, I will sign up for a gym membership!"

FHM's Basag Reply: "Kilala kita. Ang lapit lang ng sakayan, nagta-tricycle ka pa."

4) "This year, I will lessen my social media activity and devote time to more recreational stuff!"

FHM's Basag Reply: "Sus. Kaka-check mo lang kaya ng Facebook profile ng ex mo."

5) "This year, I'll eat more healthy foods!"

FHM's Basag Reply: "Ah okay. Bitawan mo muna 'yang hawak mong chichirya."

6) "This year, I will lay off all kinds of vices!"

FHM's Basag Reply: "Hoy! Magpapainom ako mamaya!"

7) "This year, I will help others more often!"

FHM's Basag Reply: "Ah talaga? Tulungan mo kaya muna 'yung sarili mo."


GIFs via Giphy.com