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Nov 3, 2015
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Looking to exchange your meat-chomping ways for a vegetarian lifestyle? Good for you. We have to warn you though; you're going to miss the taste of pork, beef, and chicken, especially since fake meat tastes, well, fake.

But it doesn't have to be that way. Just ask Impossible Foods, a company that aims to create meats and cheeses that taste legit. Sure, there are many companies trying to do the same. The difference here though is that Impossible Foods might just have truly solved this gastronomic conundrum.


So, it looks like Impossible Foods has possibly cracked the code for our discriminating taste buds. Aside from replicating the look and texture of meat using plant protein, they've also made their vegan meat taste like the real thing. The secret here is "plant blood" which acts like a secret sauce infused into the veggie meat. It mimics meat blood and contains a molecule called heme found in animal blood. This substance, according to CEO Patrick Brown, is responsible for making "meat taste like meat."

And damn, their burger sure looks appetizing!

delicious vegan meat

If all goes according to plan, Impossible Foods will introduce their first product, the Impossible Burger, to the mainstream market next year. Here's to hoping it truly is something both vegans and our fellow "carni-bros" can really sink their teeth into!