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Nov 27, 2013
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What we have here is a bamboo that rocks.

And no, we’re not talking about that rockstar dude who’s named after the tallest grass; this is all about the handcrafted bamboo speaker dock/amplifier Loudbasstard.

Founded by Cebu-based buddies Koh Onozawa and Franz Ignacio, Loudbasstard has been making waves in the social scene because of its indigenous and hip design.

Driven by their slogan of “For the Love of Music,” the makers found a way to turn a single piece of bamboo into a unique, all-natural, electricity-free alternative sound amplifier that you can carry anywhere.


Loudbasstard makes sharing music with your friends quick and easy since all you have to do is place your gadget into its designated slot and press play. It frees you from searching for power outlets and from untangling complicated cables. Aside from that, you're also armed with one of the few products that have successfully fused a modern vibe with a natural origin. Because, really, can you think of any other stylish amplifier that uses organic theads of rattan?

Aside from their bamboo speakers, Loudbasstard also recently released a wooden iPhone case that can not only protect your expensive phone, but also act as an instant amp!


“The wooden case for iPhones is more of an accessory product," says Onozawa, "but we add a little music note in the design to remind people, when they see it, to play some music [with it]." 

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