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Apr 8, 2015
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/ˈri-pəl/- verb
: to move in small waves or to pass or spread through over something or someone

This is exactly what Nike's latest video drew inspiration from, relating greatness as the catalyst for extraordinary athletes to become role models. The videos shows how influential sports figures rub off their dedication for the game to the younger generation, inspiring a new batch of future athletes to take the torch and become legends themselves—hence, completing the ripple effect.

Just like MJ to Kobe, Dela Hoya to Pacquiao, and Jimmy Alapag to every Gilas Pilipinas hopeful, all these greats serve as someone, or even a generation's, idol.

But enough talk, here's the video:

Video via Nike Golf's YouTube Channel

Golf living legend Tiger Woods idolized Jack Nicklaus growing up. Tiger's domination of the greens fueled the dreams of golf's current young sensation, Rory McIlroy. Who will Rory inspire?

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