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Jul 14, 2016
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Aside from being the most followed person on Instagram, international pop star Selena Gomez now also owns the most liked photo ever with over 4.2 million likes, and nearly 100,000 comments, for a photo you'll see below.

There's nothing extra remarkable about the snap—just a glammed-up Gomez sipping on a bottle of Coca-cola in a red top with matching red nails. Perhaps the most exciting thing to her followers was the fact that the bottle has the lyrics from her own song "Me and the Rhythm." It reads: "You're the spark."


But we're guessing you don't really know when something's going to go viral or not, do you? This photo just proves that.

Her ex-boyfriend, Justin Bieber, previously held the crown for a throwback photo that featured him and Gomez kissing in the middle of the ocean. That picture has over 3.7 million likes as of this writing.