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Nov 14, 2014
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The FHM Guide To Man Food is your source for the most tummy-bursting, jaw-breaking, tongue-searing, Instagram-worthy meals fit for a real man. In this regular feature, we'll brave the streets of Manila to feature some of the yummiest food around perfect for that weekly pig-out session with your bros, an awesome date with the girlfriend, or for some good ol' destressing-by-eating.

Yes, brothers, it's TIME TO EAT. Or rather, it is TIME TO SHOW YOU WHERE TO EAT.

Our target today: Stuff Over Burger Café in Ortigas, a joint that's starting to earn a rep in their area for their huge burger patties filled with bacon and other juicy goodies inside. So we came over and allowed young owners, AK Jumauan and Mark Agustin, to fill us up really, really good. Below is your guide to this awesome corner of man food heaven!


1)   THE MAIN MEAL: The Hungry Daisy Stuffed Burger

WHAT IT'S MADE OF: A half-pound of pure ground beef—stuffed with generous amounts of smoked bacon inside and topped with caramelized onions, lettuce, and cheddar

FHM VERDICT: What’s better than a burger? Well, a half-pounder beef burger patty stuffed with more meat and flavor, of course! Hungry Daisy is just one of the three best-selling stuffed burgers in the café. Though thick and heavy, Stuff Over Burgers' creations are zesty, thanks to the juicy stuffing inside that accounts for about a third of the meal.

Basically, burger + bacon = a hell of a meal. You don't need a math degree to understand that equation. The burger is huge. If you're an average-sized guy, half of it might suffice—and the other half, you could probably give to your date. But if you haven't eaten for a day, then go all-out, bro. Eat it all! You'll be full for half a day.  

Also filling: the Chilli Billy stuffed burger which features the tangy combo of pickled jalapeño and cream cheese (OMFG!) inside, and the Mushy Suzie for those that want to bite into loads of mushrooms, cheddar, and sautéed onions.

THE DAMAGE: P210-P220 for one order


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Photos Heidi Pascual-Aquende