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Oct 13, 2015
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In this day and age when working out and eating healthy is becoming more and more prevalent (the dad bod trend is dead, sorry), there's no shortage of tips from so-called experts and fitness buffs on how to eat healthy.

The thing is, not all of these nuggets of wisdom work, or at least work as promised.

Take the ones in the video below from Tech Insider, for example. While they're not really dangerous, they apparently don't deliver as advertised.

Here's an easy summary in screencaps for your convenience:

The one about switching from dairy to almond milk

useless health tips

The one about the gluten scare (which is basically not applicable to most people)

useless health tips

The one about juicing (which results to less fiber intake)

useless health tips

The one about taking Vitamin C (there's a limit, people!)

The one about the "dangerous" egg yolks

useless health tips

The one about the supposed benefits of a low-fat diet

useless health tips

So, everyone, don't just go about believing what other people say, mkay? We recommend consulting those who are successfully living a healthy life (like these sexy chefs), doctors, and legit fitness experts.

You could also check out FHM Bionic for more ways to tone up and slim down.