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May 20, 2013
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The condom.

Since its mass production in the early 1900s, it has been known under a bevy of names—the magic rubber, the raincoat, the love glove, or the love sock. Men have cleverly made tons of other code names for the dear rubber, especially on nights when they’re trying to get lucky.

          'Always have some love glove, son'

We've also ingeniously thought of a number of other uses for the condom: a water balloon, a beach ball substitute thrown around during concerts, an ice pack, a shower cap. At present, it's no longer solely for protection, but also a symbol for machismo, humor, and curiosity.

Now you can do whatever you want with your condom, just remember that it's still one of the most convenient, easily accessible (that's if you can withstand the sheepish grin the Mini Stop cashier gives you every time you buy one), and most effective (according to the US FDA, it's 97-percent effective when used perfectly and 86-percent effective when used imperfectly) weapon against sexually transmitted diseases...especially when the number of HIV-related cases locally is on a continuous rise.

According to the Philippine National AIDS Council, HIV-related cases have increased by 18-percent compared to last year’s statistics, and most of these people get infected because of unsafe sex.

Here's Steve Harvey gettin' sharp on how to open tha' rubber

Which is why we here at FHM have decided to reschool you on the basics of condom use. We give you the 10 rules to abide by when using the magic rubber, hereon out we will call The 10 Condommandments...

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