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Dec 18, 2014
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15 things

Here’s your regular dose of FHM-approved fitness trivia!

Get reading to know more about Hugh Jackman’s weightlifting prowess, Jabari Parker's ACL injury, and the new and improved Britney Spears!

Sad news for NBA fans: leading Rookie of the Year candidate Jabari Parker has torn his ACL and is expected to miss the rest of the season. Why, basketball gods? Why?

Video via TYT Sports

You think your girlfriend’s yoga sessions are easy-peasy? Wait ‘til you actually try it out.

Video via BuzzfeedVideo

Here’s the perfect gift for your runner kabarkada: The Jog Strap! Now available at your local jogging supply store.

Video via The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

So real-life mutant Hugh Jackman can deadlift 435 pounds. We bet that one of these days he’ll slip and reveal that he really has adamantium claws.

Hugh JAckmanPhoto via reddit.com

Bad news for all the corny, poor, and skinny dudes out there: A study has revealed that ladies have better orgasms with funny, rich, and broad-shouldered men. Sorry.

15 things

A new study has shown that marijuana can actually boost your fitness routine. Isn’t that a good reason to puff up?


Feeling extra lazy? Then congrats, these auto-lacing kicks are perfect for you.

Video via Powerlace Advanced Auto-Lacing Shoe Technology

Here’s a good reason to MOMOL: Kissing causes an exchange of up to 80,000 bacteria…which, as gross as it sounds, actually boosts your immune system. Pucker up!

15 things

This sheep’s status as a four-legged creature isn’t stopping him from duking it out with a punching bag. What’s your excuse?

Video via Buddhanz

Bikini-clad babes fishing in tiny bikinis. What more can a guy ask for?

Video via ShockMansion

We dunno about you, but we think this golden retriever’s the real winner of this contest.

Video via Golden Retriever Lovers

Want to lose weight? Bring your own baon: A new study has revealed that folks who cook their meals at home actually eat healthier and eat fewer calories than those who buy their lunch constantly. And it’s cheaper, too!

15 things

It looks like Floyd Mayweather will never run out of things to say about Manny Pacquiao. "It's so crazy that once he sees that I do want the fight to happen, how we wants to say that I won't stand there and slug with him," he told The Ring. "Last time I checked, it's not called slugging. It's called boxing." Whatever, son, just stop hiding!



To this high schooler, Christmas is all about helping a brother out. Aaawww.

15 thingsPhoto via nicekicks.com

It took her quite a while, but Britney Spears is officially hot again! We never stopped believing in you, Brit. Congratulations!

15 thingsPhoto via Women's Health