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Aug 12, 2015
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The rainy weather calls for a day spent in bed, wrapped in blankets, with a The Walking Dead marathon on loop. That all sounds great and all, but you know what’ll make it even better? Food. Warm, filling, tasty, ultra-comforting food.

Is your mouth watering already? Keep reading to see our guide to mastering the best rainy day food! 

(What's that? "Why the hell should you cook when everything now can be ordered and have delivered?" Well, because real men know how to cook...and real men cook REALLY good.)


rainy day eatsImage via Spot.ph

You know what never fails to warm even the pickiest eater on a cold, drizzly afternoon? A steaming bowl of lugaw or rice porridge, that’s what. It’s the ultimate rainy day comfort food, and we’ll take ours with lots of garlic, green onions, and egg!

Click here for the expert recipe via Yummy.ph!


rainy day eatsImage via Yummy.ph

Need some protein in your porridge? Try out lugaw’s meatier sister, arroz caldo. Feel free to throw in as many chicken chunks as you like! Not into chicken? Go for goto, which adds beef strips to the mix.

Click here for the expert recipe via Yummy.ph!


rainy day eatsImage via Istorya.net

If you think it’s too early in the day for the previous dishes, go for a steaming serving of champorado instead. Hot, sweet, and chocolate-y, it’s the perfect thing to jumpstart a dreary day. Pair it with some tuyo for a truly Pinoy breakfast!

Click here for the expert recipe via Yummy.ph!


rainy day eatsImage via Pinterest.com

Warm, thick, and creamy (whoa, get your mind out of the gutter, dude!), a bowl of this concoction can easily summon your childhood afternoon memories. Admit it: If you had your way, you’d have this with only the bilo-bilo and sago!

Click here for the expert recipe via Yummy.ph!


rainy day eatsImage via Wikihow.com

A steaming bowl of Chinese-style noodles always, always hits the spot when you’re feeling down on a rainy day. You can head all the way to Chinatown to get your fill of cheap, authentic mami, or you can camp out in the kitchen to make your own (it’s not that hard, promise!).

Click here for the expert recipe via Yummy.ph!


rainy day eatsImage via Chow.com

Alternatively, you can also go for the humble mami’s more sosyal iteration, ramen. It’s a lot more expensive than lugaw, but hey, the ingredients and the extra pieces of meat and veggies will make it all worth it! Not willing to splurge? Try your hand at it and see if you can make your anime idols proud of your ramen-making skills!


Click here for the expert recipe via Yummy.ph!


rainy day eatsImage via Yummy.ph

Need something warm in a jiffy? Open a pack of instant cream of mushroom soup, follow the instructions, and call it a dish! If you’re willing to exert a bit more effort, go the DIY route with fresh ingredients straight from the market.

Click here for the expert recipe via Yummy.ph!


rainy day eatsImage via Knorr.com.ph

Chicken tinola, complete with a generous dose of sayote and dahon ng sili, is a rainy day classic. The best part? It’s also ridiculously easy to make—perfect for when you’re craving a dose of home-cooking on a stormy evening.

Click here for the expert recipe via Yummy.ph!


rainy day eatsImage via Yummy.ph

Pork sinigang has got to be the ultimate winner in the warm comfort food arena of Filipino dishes. Filling and deliciously sour, it hits the spot every single time. Every Pinoy worth his salt should know how to make it, and if you don’t, well, there’s no better time to try your hand at this recipe for the classic pork version than when it's stormy outside. Don’t forget to pile on the rice!

Click here for the expert recipe via Yummy.ph!