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Nov 20, 2014
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FHM Nation, allow us to introduce you to Jordan "Mission Impossibke" Kilganon. The 6'1" professional dunker has plenty of outrageous dunks in his arsenal.

His latest addition to his already impressive repertoire? A No-Look Scorpion Dunk! And he even accomplished it while jumping over someone. What the hell is this sorcery?!

Here's a super slow-mo replay:

Let's watch it in different angles:

Think it's a fluke? Think again. He even adds a Dee Brown element to it on another try:

Here's a solo version:

Impressed? Below are more crazy dunks from the throwdown maestro!

If ever Blake Griffin decides to participate in the Slam Dunk Contest again, this is what he should do.

How many Red Bulls have you taken, dude? #energy

If you want to see more sick jams, check out the video below:

Video via hoopmixtape

You can also follow him on Instagram at @bouncekitwhere he regularly posts stuff like this:

By the way, he also moonlights as Spider-Man!