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Oct 7, 2016
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Aside from the alluring Lovi Poe fronting FHM this October 2016, there’s also another reason why you should grab a copy of this month’s issue.

Yes, you read the title right: We found Kendall Jenner’s twin.

Everyone, meet Yasmin Aimée Spelbrink. Check out her spread inside FHM:

The 20-year-old model can definitely pass as Kim Kardashian’s half-sister. With those piercing eyes, jet black hair, and toned bod, she's a dead ringer for the model-eqsue Kardashian. 

Hailing from the Netherlands, Yasmin has been modelling for both runway and print for quite some time now. To get to know her even better, we dug through her Instagram account to see how she's been doing since we last saw her.

The secret to her glowing tan? Lots of fun under the sun!

Her selfie skills are A+

Are you sure she’s not related to Kendall?!

On second thought, we think she’s even prettier than Ms. Jenner

Please grab a copy of FHM's October 2016 issue for more of Yasmine Spelbrink's spelllblinding beauty.