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Jan 1, 2017
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The second Passengers trailer was released earlier this month and has caused much excitement among moviegoers.

The sci-fi flick, which hits theatres on January 4 2017, is written by the same writer of Doctor Strange, which should be indicative of how far out it's going to be. It tells the story of two people, Aurora Lane (Jennifer Lawrence) and Jim Preston (Chris Pratt), who wake up 90 years too early with no way of going back to sleep during an epic space journey. Yikes! 

ICYMI, watch the trailer below:

Okay, we'll be honest. We're actually raring to see the movie because of the gorgeous 26-year-old actress. And because we can no longer contain our excitement to see her on the big screen, we've compiled the best snaps from her fan-made Instagram page below.

She looks scorching hot without even trying.

Gal, you are ridiculously good looking!