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May 7, 2014
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Outdoor junkies, heto'ng sa'nyo!

Wrangler, a brand known for top-class maong clothing, is giving one lucky winner a 5-day all-expense-paid trip to—get this—any country! Fancy a trip to K-Pop land to stalk look for Jinri Park? How about gorging on authentic spaghetti in Italy, the type that's even better than your mom's tamis-anghang special? We bet our balls we have your attention now.

wrangler sun chaser challenge
So, what's the catch? It's simple: Join Wrangler's Sun Chaser Challenge! This contest is currently on-going and will end on Sunday, May 11 so yes, you still have time. It involves and encourages participants to go outdoors, which is basically what summer is all about.

Here are the specifics: A challenge is given out each week of the contest period. Those who want to join the weekly challenge just have to follow these steps:

wrangler sun chaser challenge
All you need to have is a camera, an Instagram account, and that outdoorsy spirit the whole challenge is calling for. Pro-tip: be creative and daring when thinking of the photo for your adventure. Also, don't forget to follow @wranglerPH on Instagram. Check out these nice snaps from other participants:

wrangler sun chaser challengeImage via @rhainepineda on Instagram

wrangler sun chaser challengeImage via @reyjohnino on Instagram

And this week's challenge? Here:

wrangler sun chaser challenge
If you win this week, you'll receive P8,000 worth of gift vouchers from Wrangler. Ayus!

Now, the big question: How the eff do you win that free trip to a country of your choice? First, you need to emerge victorious in one of the weekly challenges. The winner of the grand prize will be chosen from those who won the weekly challenges. And since the contest will end in three days, we suggest you get packin' and snappin', STAT!

So go out and join! Hey, even if you don't win, just having an adventure will be worth it. Beats having to lounge in a crowded beach somewhere that's overflowing with sweat and man boobs, right?

For more info and updates, check out Wrangler Philippine's Facebook page and the Sun Chaser Challenge official site