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'I’m Dating A Ka-DDS—Help, What Do I Do?'

Dating someone with strong political beliefs can be healthy (unless they're a Marcos apologist, then you can dump their sorry ass)
by Dr. FHM | Oct 12, 2018
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Dear FHM,

I’m really into this girl I met at a party. We get along and I see this getting serious. She’s really cool and all, but I have one problem: She’s hardcore pro-Duterte. I’m not excessively political; the idea of dating a ka-DDS is freaking me out a little. Help!

When dating in this prickly political climate, your leanings (or lack thereof) have become just as important as your possession of a third nipple. It makes for intriguing and spirited date conversation, but it certainly can be a major deal-breaker. Gone are the days when it was cool to not give a shit about politics—current times demand maximum levels of woke, and we’re well past the point of apathy. Or at least we should be.

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So if the girl you’re seeing runs a little cold when it comes to talking major issues affecting our society and economy, it honestly should be a little bit of a red flag. It’s not to say that being apolitical makes you a crappy date, but given the times we’re living in, not caring enough to want to take action or even have an informed opinion is a little… odd? Unfeeling? Selfish, even?

You want to date a girl who gives a crap. Because, newsflash—take a look around you and realize that we’re the adults now. Our aging parents are railing against the stupidities of the government from the comfort of their easy chairs in front of the TV, while we’re out there actively reeling from the realities that arise from the decisions of said stupid government.

Inefficient disaster relief, warring political parties, traffic—our crosses to carry, our problems to solve. Feel that anger, dread, and disgust in the pit of your belly each time you stuff yourself into a crowded train? Each time you stare aghast at the price of a head of cauliflower your girlfriend wants to butcher into “rice?” When you realize you’ve wasted 5 hours of your day sitting in traffic, mindlessly reading articles like this one?

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What we’re trying to say is this: Dating a ka-DDS is not the worst thing ever (unless she’s a paid troll in her spare time—whoops, those things don’t exist, right?). You need a person to give a shit about the country right along with you. Sure, she may believe Duterte is the second coming of Christ, but if she can intelligently (and calmly) discuss her POV with you, and lay out her opinions (or facts, we can’t tell the difference anymore) in a manner you can respect even if you can’t agree, she’s a healthy person to be around. You’d rather her than someone with their head stuck in the ground, right? You may as well date a flat-earther.

Look at it this way: Dating a ka-DDS is like dating someone with a horn protruding from their forehead. It’s a little odd, and people are going to want to ask about it all the time. Heck, you’ll take a while to get used to it. Let her call herself a unicorn if she wants, if that’s what she believes she is. Let her hang out with her similarly horned friends, provided they aren’t ramming into people with their pointy heads, right? You know there’s more to her than her horn, and she doesn’t give you crap about not having a horn (or at least, she should strive to).

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She accepts you can’t grow one, and she recognizes you’re perfectly happy with your flat forehead. Provided she doesn’t go around forcing people to kiss her horn because its amazing, possibly causing bodily injury, she’s well within her right to live with the rest of society. You guys can talk about her horn all hours of the day, but she should know when to shut up about it (particularly around your parents). She knows you don’t want her horn anywhere near you when you’re in the bedroom. If this doesn’t sound like the kind of relationship you have, and her horn is pretty much taking up your entire life, then maybe you should reconsider being with her.

There are a lot of pro-Duterte people among us, and while their fanaticism can be annoying, it’s best to approach them cerebrally instead of emotionally. Or when you’re pissed, just imagine horns growing out of their heads. Mine their arguments for fair points. Check their sources against yours. At the end of the day, if you fly off the handle every time you talk to your girlfriend, ikaw lang talo. There’s growth in conflict (or at least, there should be).

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If everyone just stuck to people who were mirrors of who they were, can you imagine what the world would look like today? If you care about her past her political inclinations, and she carries the conflict well, what’s so wrong about dating someone with different beliefs than yours?

Unless she’s pro-Marcos. Dump her history-revising, apologist ass. It’s one thing to Romeo-and-Juliet a #Du30PaRinMgaUlol, but #NeverAgain, bitches.

Illustration Borg Sinaban


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