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'Why Is Sex Better Pag Lasing Kami?'

Science says just the right amount of booze always helps
by Dr. FHM | Sep 14, 2018
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Dear FHM,

My girl and I came home from a birthday inuman pretty drunk one night. We then proceeded to have mind-blowing sex, which is uncharacteristic of us (we’re talking crap she never even told me she was into). I mean, we do okay, but that night was straight out of my secret porn stash. Why is sex better when we’re drunk?

Ever woke up from an especially randy romp between the sheets, torn between a raging hangover and a state of euphoric holy shit that was the best sex ever? The connection between alcohol and sex is well-established. Heck, there’s even studies on the matter, which we will extensively refer to in this article in order to sound smarter and more authoritative (and also because we need to give you a better answer to your question than, it just is, now buy her another bottle of that disgustingly sweet wine she loves so much).

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Simply put, research has shown that being under the influence of alcohol certainly impacts your sex drive, while also serving to up your confidence and lower your inhibitions. In short—being drunk lets you get your head out of your own ass and just enjoy getting some.

The study even showed that women were more likely to feel sexier and more confident and outgoing when they’ve had a few drinks, which means she’s more DTF. Generally, respondents (both male and female) found that alcohol certainly helped them get naked (and stay naked, too—thanks to the desensitized feelings they reported, the sex tended to last longer).

In sum, sex is “better” when you’re drunk because you’re both too out of it to worry about the nitty-gritty of the deed, which often makes it awkward and boring. You’re free from petty insecurities and just, well, letting your horniness take precedence above all else.

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All good stuff, indeed. Or is it? Well, congratulations that you and your (we’re assuming) steady girlfriend have found yourselves a fun way to take your sex to the next level once in a while (provided you aren’t driving). Nothing says carefree, young, (and sexy) love more than having a few drinks at a party then falling into bed together. It’s basically a prerequisite scene in every rom-com today.

But if you’re single and casually sleeping around (no judgments here), believing that alcohol is the secret to getting great nookie could prove problematic. Some points to ponder: The same research cites that for all the good drinking does in getting two people into bed, it isn’t all smooth sailing the morning after.

People often report heightened regret (because they’ve most likely slept with someone they normally wouldn’t), issues with memory loss (oops—did you use protection?), and worst of all, that thorny matter of consent.

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Because while lubing up your sex life with a little liquor is a tradition as old as time, the very real, very pressing issue of consent and respect for women is (sadly) pretty new. You don’t want to be on the receiving end of a very public Tulfo sting operation branding you a rapist, do you? Better safe than sorry—even if the lady in question is very game on the night of, if she’s also very drunk, you’re still going to be in the wrong come daylight and she cries foul. Make sure the sex is consensual—we can't stress this enough, bro. 

At the end of the day, there’s nothing wrong with a little sexy time with your GF after you’ve both chugged a couple of drinks (provided you’re in a safe space and you know how to handle yourselves). But you don’t have to set your clock by her barkada’s weekly wine night to have some awesome, no-holds-barred sex—you can definitely replicate that same fuzzy, naughty feeling without any alcohol. Give her a massage. Flirt all day and build anticipation. Do a chore or run an errand before she asks you to. Your girl don’t need no vino to fire up her engine—you can just actually (shocker alert) be the type of guy who knows how to turn her on.

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And as for the rest of us bumbling fools still looking to score with the next random hot girl, a couple of drinks to boost your A-game is A-okay. But remember: All it takes is one shot too many to take your dick from working magic to not working at all.


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