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10 "Mom-Crush" Gifts for Mother's Day!

<p>Become a mama's boy for a day and be proud of it!</p>
| May 7, 2010
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Everyone is talking about the 2010 election, happening on Monday. [firstpara] FHM of course, is one of the many who encourages everybody to vote and be aware, courtesy of our official election cheat sheet, official voting guide, and even our idiot’s guide to voting.

But there’s someone we’d like you to give attention to this Sunday: your mother.

After years and years of her giving you allowance (hence, allowing you to get a copy of FHM), don't you think it's about time we go out of our way and get them something similar in return?

Here are 10 matinee idols of the past your mom would love to see this Mother's Day, along with our suggested mother’s day memorabilia to go with it.

Before we start with the list, the awesomeness and handsomeness of these idols could be too much to handle. Here's a little clip, just to make sure our prestigious man cards are still intact.

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