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9 Suplado Moves from Stanley Chi's Suplado Tips

<p>Ang tunay na lalake, suplado</p>
by Gelo Gonzales | May 19, 2011
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Suplado Tips is the newest book by stand-up comedian, cartoonist, and radio host, Stanley Chi. It promises to tell you everything you need to get by in life.

Ok, maybe not everything, not the getting rich part nor how to change the world. But it will still teach you a lot of things, most important of which is the knowledge that "Suplado is the new sexy," or that "Daig ng suplado ang gwapo."

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With these words of wisdom (and also because of the goofy black-and-white shot of the author's mug on the cover), you know you're in for a ride that's riddled with laugh-out-loud moments.

The foreword should get you in the mood right away. It addresses the reader as a "Suplado in the making," all the while constantly warning him the pitfalls of being a nice and friendly guy, and ultimately hammering his point that "non-suplado" boys eventually become a stalker. Ramon Bautista, the foreword's scribe, reinforces that warning with these words: "May nakita ka na bang stalker na dinumog ng mga chicks? Wala." So yeah, you better believe it, if you hope to build up your own harem.

"Onga naman," we said to ourselves.

And to a large degree, that's how the book hooks you in. Inside, you'll find a total of 100 awesome tips dealing with your relationships with the boss, with your crush, and with your "feelingero" friends among others.

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They are ridiculous, hilarious, what have you. But the charm of it, as with anything that can be associated with good humor, is that there's always that little grain of truth in these "tips." It doesn't take long to make you go: "Onga no, may sense din 'tong librong to 'ah! Thanks Stanley Chi!"

From day-to-day situations at work or at home or with your barkada, these 100 tips will help you get the women (probably, but most definitely not) and help you become a bigger a-hole (very likely). But who cares? The book, we assure you will give you more than a hearty chuckle. Now, if you successfully become as established a suplado as the author proclaims himself to be, then congratulations, your harem awaits. 

To get you started, we've selected 9 of some of the best tips in the gallery below, and even re-enacted them just for your entertainment!

Suplado Tips is now available online through and may also be purchased from all National Bookstore and Fully Booked outlets nationwide. The book sells for 95 pesos.

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