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All The Things Bros Want 2014: What Women Really, Really Want

You know what every woman wants for Christmas? Proof that her man just <em>gets</em> her. These gifts will help you prove it!
by mich r. lagdameo | Dec 6, 2014
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Christmas is right around the corner, and thankfully, you've learned your lessons from holidays past and started Christmas shopping early. Or not. If you're like us, you're probably still just counting those freshly withdrawn bills from your 13th month bonus.

Well, we've got news for you buddy: that ain't going to make you happy. Our advice: spend it. Get yourself something really nice, get your girlfriend that bag she's always wanted, and get your parents something other than a Christmas card.

To help you sort things out, we present you our annual gift guides! Dubbed "All The Things Bros Want 2014," we've hunted down all the things we'd pony up for without hesitation, organized according to the type of guy you are. So whether you're a PlayStation addict, a hardcore fan of retro Jordans, or the type of guy that checks Lookbook on a daily basis, we've got something for you. #GetClickingAndGetGifting

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You know what every woman wants for Christmas? Proof that her man just gets her. Proof that he listened to (and understood, loud and clear) every single parinig she made the past six months; proof that he, above all, knows exactly what she wants and needs (even if she herself has no idea what that is, sometimes).

But no sure-fire gift list is gonna work if you have no idea what your girl is actually like or into—so try to do your research in order to get that all-important “Hon, this is so me!” Or you know, just remember the 15 chances to get that reaction (and shag of gratitude and goodwill) we provide for you below!

The perfect

what women want (Photo:, perfume available at Rustan's, P4,498)

Sure, a signature scent is something your gal has to discover for herself, but having a BF-approved perfect pabango makes it easier to find the best scent to use (and hopefully not abuse). Knowing the kind of scent your lady likes is key here though—is she a citrusy kind of girl or more of a flower-loving woman?

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The latest MAC collection or Nars Audacious lipstick (Or better yet, just bring her to the makeup store and say: "Knock yourself out, sweetie")

what women want(Photo:, available at Rustan's, P1,495)

If your girlfriend is into all things prettifying, she’s sure to be lusting over the latest HG (Holy Grail) or LE (Limited Edition) beauty booty that’s come out for the holidays. Any chick will tell you—stick to MAC or Nars. Surrender to a sales assistant and your girl will adore you for going through that emasculating scenario of swatching lippie on your arm.

An online shopping spree

what women want

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If you’re avoiding the Christmas mall rush like the Ebola virus, plunk your GF down in front of your laptop, tell her she has XXX pesos to spend, and tell her to go crazy on an online shopping spree. Local online shopping brands like Zalora and Lazada have come out with their own labels, full of great stuff your woman would love to wear—and they’re easy on your pocket, too.

A spa day

what women want(Photo:

No, you do not get to come along. Call a spa (a reputable one—surely you know of a few?) and book the works for your ladylove. She’ll be more receptive to your latest screw-up or your wish to spend more time with your new PS4 once she’s been massaged, facial-ed, and manicured into blissful oblivion.

An Apple iPhone 6 (
Yaman mo, bro!)

what women want(Photo:, available at Apple Store Philippines, starts at P35,990)

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Boy, she must’ve been really good this year (or you’ve been really bad). If you’re willing to shell out the dough, the latest iPhone has amazing features (any tech geek will tell you) but of course all your GF will care about is the new camera (which means nicer IG selfies).

An engagement ring

what women want(Photo: Marian Rivera engagement ring, source:

It's nice and festive out and it’s the perfect time to get engaged. If you’ve been planning it for a while, actually save money (jumpstart the habit, you’ll be needing it) by making your proposal her Christmas gift this year. Keep the shenanigans simple and dump all the money on the ring—you get what you pay for.

Or any piece of jewelry for that matter (just don’t put it in a ring-shaped box or there will be hell to pay)

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what women want(Photo:, Pandora is found in most malls, price depending on set)

Okay, so you still want to play the generous guy card? A nice, semi-pricey bauble shouldn’t set you back too much, and it’s a sure winner. Look at the kind of accessories she already wears for a hint of what she’ll like (Silver? Gold? Birthstones? Butterfly designs?) and wrap it nicely—but we repeat, not in a ring-shaped box. Unless you want to kick-start Christmas with a tearful, “I thought it was an engagement ring” scenario.

A classy bag she can show off at work

what women want(Photo:

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Even if every white/black/grey/brown leather bag looks all the same to you, to your girl, you can never have too many (and they all look different). You’d be surprised how much of her life is stuffed into her bag, so gift her with a classy one she’ll be proud to tell her workmates her BF picked out.

Matching sneakers

what women wantImage via

Whether they admit it or not, all girls love matching whatever with their boo, and the most painless way to give in is to get yourself some nice kicks in the bargain. Another option: his-and-hers watches. Classy!

Anything from Kate Spade, Michael Kors, or Marc Jacobs (or whatever her friendly IG reseller tells her is
uso now)

what women want(Photo:, Michael Kors, Kate Spade, and Marc Jacobs
are all available in Boni High Central, prepare to shell out upwards of
P10,000 if you really want to please her)

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Know how you’d wear whatever style of basketball shoes as long as it’s from Nike? Girls pretty much feel that way about these three brands. The styles are pretty classic (read: pare-pareho lang) so all you need to know is your girl’s favorite color—and make sure you give it to her in that fancy, branded paper bag it comes in. Tip: Sneak a scroll through the IG resellers she follows to see what particular style she’s into.

A cute whatever-it-is for her office desk or bedroom

what women want(Photo:, Available at Heima Brixton St, Kapitolyo)

Of course your ladylove wants to be reminded of you and your cute, hipster love all hours of the day! If she’s a motivational quote-addict, she’ll love this framed print or artsy wall clock. If she’s high-maintenance and would strangle you for (essentially) getting her a sheet of paper under a glass pane, stick to any of the other suggestions on this list.

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what women want(Photo:

No, this is not a self-serving present. Every girl wants a classy set of underwear to feel sexy in. Make sure you get her something fancy that she would actually wear—not the sexpot, porn star version of her you have in your head. Upgrade the basic styles you see her wear in nicer, more luxurious fabrics like lace or silk. Don’t even think about getting her a piece that would accentuate her perceived flaws (and God knows you know what those are, seeing as how she whines about her skinny butt/chubby tummy/lack of cleavage all the time).

A dress that plays up her assets

what women want(Photo:

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Now, every woman needs a perfect dress she can throw on at any given occasion and look great. Be the benefactor of this wardrobe staple by taking a look at the styles she prefers (and hopefully looks good on her body type) and snagging a high-end version of it (it’s Christmas, this is NOT the time to hit the sale rack).

THE Shoe: the one she and all her friends are lusting over

what women want(Photo:

Getting her that statement shoe before all her friends buy it for themselves ups her ego and your cred as best BF ever. Figure out exactly what shoe that is by listening in on the convo when talk inevitably turns to shopping the next time you get dragged to join the girls for a cup in that artisanal coffee spot you hate so much. Be prepared to pikit-mata sign that credit card charge slip.

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A crafternoon

what women want(Photo:

For some reason, all chicks now want to get crafty. Stamp-making, paper-cutting, calligraphy, whatever it is—they want to make pretty things they can post on IG. Show off your sensitive side by signing you both up for a workshop at Ink Scribbler or a date at Sip and Gogh. She’ll love you for being such a sweetheart, but you better hope it’s worth the immense drop in testosterone you’ll go through. You’ll practically grow breasts.

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