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5 Seasonal Fast Food Offerings Everyone Wishes Were Always On The Menu

The return of the TUNA PIE is giving us all fast food feels
by John Paulo Aguilera | Feb 2, 2017
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Recently, fast food connoisseurs were ecstatic over news of Jollibee reintroducing its Lenten specialty, the Tuna Pie:

Seasonal items like the fish-filled pastry could well be compared to a summer fling. You'll fall for it, get used to it (it becomes a part of your daily junk food allocation at home), only to watch helplessly as it gets abruptly discontinued, just like an ugly breakup. And you thought all was fair in love and food before this happened.

If only these delectable products were a staple on their respective menus. Below are some of the finer examples of fast food products everyone wished was regularly available:

McSpicy (McDonald's)

What was initially dismissed as a Zinger rip-off set critics ablaze and actually grew on everyone. The creepy red-haired clown must've felt the demand for fiery, crispy chicken chunks and has since teased the public with its limited releases. Though currently available, who doesn't want it to be retained on the McDo lineup?

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Choco Mallow Pie (Jollibee)

Everybody's favorite bee cracks the list with its diabetes-inducing dessert. Long before the tuna and peach mango pies established themselves as the consummate takeout items, every sweet tooth craved for the saccharine spawn of chocolate, marshmallows, and Jollibee's fabled pocket crust. Usually, a single order isn't enough.


Double Down (KFC)

This protein abomination was hands down the Colonel's mortal sin. As if a pair of chicken fillets wasn't enough to clog your arteries, KFC tossed in the holy meat strip. The following years saw the company outdoing itself with the Double Down Dog—instead of bacon, a hotdog got sandwiched—and the "healthier" Double Down G.

Amazing Aloha (Jollibee)

You know you're a big deal when Anthony Bourdain gives you a mention on Parts Unknown. What was deemed a travesty ingredient on pizza goes along just fine with patties, especially for Filipinos who love their meat with a touch of fruitiness (humba, anyone?). In the Aloha's case, a slice of pineapple is enough to neutralize this monstrosity's cholesterol levels.

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Twister Fries (McDonald's)

Mcdonald's now-iconic French fries alternative was weirdly satisfying, not only for its loopy shape, but also for its zesty flavor. Spending a bit more on fewer portions didn't matter, if it meant sinking our teeth into those savory potato curls. Imagine the look on our faces when the BFF size was introduced.


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