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The Lazy Man’s Workout Guide: Back Stretch #Deskercises!

Never have backaches again with these easy desk exercises—yep, you can do this right on your office chair!
by Cia Juan | Sep 12, 2014
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Slouching in front of the computer all day can wreak havoc on your back, shoulders, and wrists. Like other body parts, they need stretching to minimize pain and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. 

In this edition of The Lazy Man’s Workout Guide we give you four essential stretching exercises that target the most common problems of office workers, which you can do while enjoying the comforts of your office chair!

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   The Marian Rivera Pose

Remember #QueenMarian’s kili-kili cover girl pose? It’s a great stretch to improve your flexibility and reduce back and shoulder pains!

-   Sit up straight on your chair.
-   Hold your right wrist over your head with your left hand.
-   Pull that wrist down as far as you can while stretching your body to the left. Hold for 10 seconds.
-   Return to upright posture and stretch to the other side. Repeat five times on each side. 

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   The Carpal Tunnel Reliever

Ever felt numbness in your hands and fingers? Are you having decreased grip strength and sweaty palms despite the cold office environment? That could be Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, a painful condition caused by a pinched nerve on the wrist! 

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome shouldn't catch up to you if you repeat this simple move every day:

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-   Rest the back of your hand on your desk with your fingers pointed toward you.
-   Lower your body slowly until you feel the stretch on your wrist. Hold for 15 seconds.

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