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The Off-Road to Elite Athlete Glory

Lessons learned at the Vaseline Men Xterra Race
by Lou E. Albano | Mar 20, 2012
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So you want to be a pro triathlete. You want to have the snazzy bike you assembled yourself, the battle scars to show off to the ladies, and the body fat percentage smaller than your chance of losing at anything. Well, we wanted that too. So we took our chance when Vaseline Men took us along on the Vaseline Men Xterra Race in Cebu last weekend. 

Xterra is a hardcore triathlon: a 1.5km swim, and then a 32km bike ride across town, and then a 10km run under the sweltering sun. As though that wasn't hard enough. we also competed against the world’s best in Xterra racing, all tall and buffed, with unpronounceable last names. Aussie Ben Allen won the whole thing with a time of 2:30:05. Of the girls, Renata Buscher, who is surprisingly gorgeous, won, clocking in at 2:53:33.

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We emerged from the weekend with a reality check: This, this sh*t is hard, man. Sure you'll need guts (and if like us, you can only do the 5k trail run and come in last, you'll need a hell lot of it) but also, you'll need determination, and willpower, and information, and so it goes.

All of those things—training 101, diet, enouragement— you can get from many, more credible people. Like Men's Health for instance, or your coach, or an athlete friend. What we can give you, though, is the backstreet to all the triathlon hoopla. Before you even start thinking of trying it out just for the sake of trying it out, here. Perhaps you'd like to read our four-point primer that should help you condition your mind:

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