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The 4 Wonders of Wonderbra!

Wassap, bra?
by mich r. lagdameo | Sep 29, 2012
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It’s no secret that we love our ladies in lingerie. And we’re no cavemen either—we understand that our women wear bras for more than just aesthetically pleasing effects.

We also totally get how women choose bras for comfort, fit, support, and what-have-you. But we have to admit that we are dutiful appreciators of the brassiere for what it does to the fine, female form (namely enhancing what is there or, in some cases, creating the illusion that something is there).

We’ve seen a great many colors and styles of bras on our babes, but it’s the first time we’ve encountered the Wonderbra. And we wonder (pardon the pun) where it’s been all our years of being bra-fans.

Recently launched in the country, we got to take a look at the many, many wonders of the Wonderbra. One of which is it allows your lady to actually choose how to display her wondrous cleavage through their 3 Degrees of Hotness styles of bra. Sure, we get it, the Wonderbra is obviously for women—but we’re pretty sure the heroes behind this brand had us in mind when they dreamed this up.

1. The 1 Degree Hot
For her: This bra offers a slight push-up, creating what they call a “subtle enhancement enough to create a spark.”
For you: It’s still showing what your woman has to work with, with a slight increase in perkiness. Wohoo!

2. The 2 Degree Hotter
For her: They say it “makes your chest look fuller and make you feel on fire!” This maximum push-up has the Statement Makers collection, which has bolder prints and colors.
For you: Maximum push-up, maximum cleavage. Statement Makers collection=lingerie that’s meant to be seen. By your hungry eyes.

3. The Lace Racerback Push-up Bra
For her: Still the same max push-up support for your cleavage, but in that “sports-bra” style that some women prefer.
For you: “Racerback”=front enclosure=easy access snapping on and off of said brassiere. Bonus: It’s in that irresistible lace fabric.

4. The 3 Degree Sizzlin’
For her: The graduated structured but comfy padding lets your lady go up a whole size, but in a way that’s not obvious at all. The “cookies” (quaint name for pads) are removable and are lightweight. It’s available in various prints and designs, but is convertible to strapless and halter.
For you: Read above description, but we bet your eyes halted at “go up a whole size.” Just as effective as a boob job, but a heck of a lot cheaper (and less traumatic for your lady). She also has to option to give it a rest and just go with what God gave her, which you totally don’t mind and are happy with. Right? Right? Riiiight?

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