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Who Wants to be a Fighter?

<p>Six MMA techniques to learn before you even think about fighting</p>
| Mar 3, 2010
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Yeah I wanna be a fighter too, along with thousands of dudes who have found the wonders of mixed martial arts as of late, thanks to the rising popularity of Manny Pacquiao, The Ultimate Fighter Brandon Vera, the UFC, and the URCC. [firstpara] But watching these fighters dropping bombs on each other on television and actual fighting are two completely different things.

The former requires you to lie down and relax, while the latter makes you lie down and lose consciousness. Imagine someone as big as Brock Lesnar hitting you with those so-called fists; to us it's actually a pair of metal lunchboxes.

Case in point, many of us truly, madly, deeply think we can fight. We can all feel the inner power lying within us barely waiting to burst out. Of course we can fight in some capacity, but compared to the pros, we're just breakfast. Okay, enough with the snack analogy.

If you want to be a fighter, you can start by finding out what fighting style suits you best. There are plenty of factors to consider, size and height included. There are many disciplines of fighting, and to be considered a mixed martial artist you must acquire at least two of them.

It's a bold declaration we know, but we here at FHM are about to show 6 of the most popular techniques in MMA today.Think of this as a really, really short crash course on fighting. Are you ready? Let's get it on!

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MMA 101: Boxing
It will be a matter of time before our country becomes synonymous with the sport of boxing, and you sure as hell know why. Professional and Amateur boxing is different from MMA boxing, but the basic fundamentals apply: A flurry of punches as you elude your opponent’s hits.

The concept of fist-fighting go way, way back in 1500-900 BC, but modern boxing was created during the 17th century. There are several types of boxers, mainly: sluggers, punchers, out-fighters, swarmers, and counter-punchers. Manny Pacquiao is a notable swarmer.

MMA considers boxing as one the more popular striking techniques, and is the half-creditor of victories by way of knock-out in MMA, with Muay Thai being the other half. Professional boxing trainers do train MMA fighters as well.

Trademark moves:
It’s not that hard to familiarize yourselves with the concept of jabs, hooks, uppercuts, and straight punches. Different stances and footwork do make the difference. Clinching is an opportunity for fighters to do dirty boxing as well.

Famous practitioners:
Current UFC Lightweight champion BJ Penn has one of the fastest hands in the organization, and is considered by Freddie Roach as the best boxer in MMA. Penn managed to dominate his weight division with a mixed martial art of boxing and BJJ.

Where can I train: The Red Corner Gym and Elorde Boxing Gym are just two of the most popular boxing institutions in Metro Manila, where several URCC fighters come to train. But shame on you if you think the list ends there. Gyms like Body Worx, Tiger City Boxing Stable, and Total Knockout Gym also offer boxing and sparring lessons. Trust us, that's just the tip of the iceberg. Click on the corresponding gyms to know more.

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