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Will the RH Bill Change Your Sex Life?
Will the Rh Bill drastically affect the way you do things in the sack? We stroke our beards and reflect...
by Ronjay Eduvas | Dec 14, 2012
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In its controversial cover, Newsweek referred to Barrack Obama as "The First Gay President" in reference to his personal support of gay marriage. For his loud and clear pronouncement on reproductive health (RH) during his second State of the Nation address, our very own President Noynoy Aquino may very well be "The First President of Sexy."   

Beyond its crtitical contibution to public health and population management, the full implementation of a law on RH could benefit Pinoys in the bedroom. For you, the FHM reader, we decode how its key provisions are likely to affect your bedroom performance.

1. Condoms will be cheaper. That's if you’re still ashamed to get them for free. With the projected rise in demand, expect a parallel surge in supply. Simple economics. This is also likely to increase the number of marketing campaigns by condom companies (the Premiere Vixens would then be hailed as “pioneers”). And with more players in the industry, their product price points will cater to all segments of the socio-economic scale.

2. Your kids may come home with posters of the uterus. Even with mandatory sex education in the classrooms, sex talk with the kids won’t be spared from awkward and embarrassing moments (for you and them both). Helping them out with homework will present even more opportunities for touchy topics and conversations you can no longer dodge. And it’ll feel like you’re both being graded.

3. Your payslip won’t reflect it, but you actually just bought pills and condoms and IUDs. Consider it as taking one for the team. This is good for you if you’ve always been pro-RH, but naturally, it sucks if you’re on the other side of this interminable debate. Like other public health services, our money as taxpayers will help fund the law’s full implementation, including the provision of contraceptives.

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4. The idea of “choice” will probably overwhelm you. IUD? Diaphragm? Pills? Whatever happened to the simple snap, crackle, and pop? The variety will make the experience of purchase as baffling as lining up at Starbucks, wherein ordering what used to be a simple cup of coffee has become an arduous exercise in decision-making.

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