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10 Signs You're About To Get Dumped, According To Women

These brutally honest answers will force you to examine your current relationship
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | May 17, 2017
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It's normal to feel like you're no longer in the honeymonn stage of the relationship. But when your girlfriend starts spending most, if not all, of her time with her friends, at work, or pursuing new hobbies, there could be a chance that the relationship has taken a turn for the sour. Has she fallen out love with you or are you just being paranoid?

If your gut feeling is telling you that a break-up is in the near-future, then maybe the relationship isn't what it used to be. We asked some real women to divulge their thoughts on when a guy should worry that his lady is no longer in love. Confirm your suspicions by looking out for these 10 signs that, well, maybe you’re about to get dumped.

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1) She barely tells you she loves you

“When a woman has fallen out of love, she’ll rarely say ‘I love you’ first. She'll just reply nonchalantly when it's said to her.” —Paula,28

2) She can’t be bothered to argue

“She won’t fight or disagree with you anymore. FYI, it's  because she just doesn’t care.” —Celine,24

3) She becomes too busy

“You know she’s no longer interested in you when she suddenly starts throwing herself into work or spending a lot of time with just her friends and family, excluding you from the picture.” —Jessica,29

4) She doesn’t seem excited to see you

“You know she's stopped caring when she starts to look at your face less and less when you talk to her.” —Angelica,30

“If she seems more distracted than usual, that’s probably a bad sign. For example, she’s always on her phone or wearing headphones rather than actually spending any time with you when you’re together.” —May,22

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5) She avoids topics related to the future

“If she doesn’t want to make plans, then it probably means she no longer sees you as part of her future.” —Kim,25

“She never brings up topics about the future and attempts to change the subject when they arise.” —Ina,31


6) She doesn’t maken an effort to communicate

“Text messages become few and far between, and when she messages you, it’s one word answers that lead to dead ends.” —Bea,26

“She doesn’t facilitate conversation. If you start talking to her and she doesn’t help it go anywhere, she’s not into you.” —Carla,23

7) She easily gets irritated

“She is less interested in spending time with you and when you are together, she seems annoyed with everything you do or say. All of your inside jokes suddenly aren’t funny anymore.” —Diana,20

“Little things that used to be cute are now annoying for her. Affection is met with irritation.” —Joy,33

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8) She doesn’t give a damn if you go out with your pals

“If she doesn't mind that you go out with the boys, you need to be worried. Even the most secured woman will feel a bit irked when her boyfriend’s out with his ‘untrustworthy’ friends.” —Mika,24

9) She does not initiate any physical contact

“She’s no longer that fun, wild girl you’ve met before. Sex isn’t the same or is non-existent. Same goes with kissing and cuddling.” —Marian,27

“You’re having way less sex than usual, and when you do have it, it feels like one or both of you is just going through the motions.” —Joana,30

10) She says she needs space

“If she asks for space, it only means she wants to break up, but doesn’t have the balls to end it, and is keeping you around just in case.” —Grace,28

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