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How To Move On According To #PaanoMagMoveOn Tweets

Reeling from a heartbreak? Try these words of advice
by Brian Anthony Veran | Jun 22, 2016
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When you are broken-hearted, the first thing you want to do is move on. It's so easy to say. And you know the reality of it: It's hard

So when #PaanoMagMoveOn trended on Twitter yesterday, we made sure to check it out. Crowdsourcing builds some really good things, so maybe it can rebuild broken, hugot-filled hearts too. We've compiled some of what we think are the smartest tips below:

If only clever wordplay can melt her cold heart, that would be a very effective tip. 

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Protect yourself from drunk-texting her or worse, drunk-calling her. "Baaabe. Ba't mo ako iniwan?!" #Embarrassing

The more you surround yourself with memories of her, the harder it will be to forget. Strange how simple the equation works, but logic isn't always stronger than the heart, is it?

Still painful though.


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In other words: Don't focus on the bitterness, and instead try to do good, awesome things. That's the only way you'll feel better about yourself. 

Amen, bros!

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If you're the religious type, go ahead and draw power from your beliefs. In the end, it's up to you to find where you can draw strength from. Religion is one of them. It can also be other positive channels, say a hobby, focusing on your family, going after an advocacy, or making a push in your career.

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Sorry, Tay-tay!

Most of all though, make sure that you guys were even an item to begin with. If not, you probably need to check this hashtag: #Basted.

Sorry, was that savage?

For more #PaanoMagMoveOn tweets, click here. 

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