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10 Years Ago In FHM History: The November 2004 Issue!
Join us as we revisit FHM November 2004, an issue that had: Phoemela Baranda's cover debut, our list of the 50 Coolest Guy Films Ever, and a whole lot of penis innuendos!
by Gelo Gonzales | Nov 6, 2014
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Have you bought the Myrtle Sarrosa-bannered November 2014 issue yet? Yes? If so, take one teary-eyed look at it, then put it down for a minute as we once again dial back the clock by ten years, and shake the dust off FHM's November 2004 issue! 

For anyone too young to read the magazine then, here's a look at the babes we fantasized on and the sorts of kalokohan we got into!

1)   We start with the cover girl!

The issue was the Phoemela Baranda's debut on the cover. She repeated the feat in 2005 and then most recently in February 2014, where she unwittingly proved that she had secretly stumbled upon the fountain of never-ending youth.

Here are the inside shots:

Oh wait, that's not it. Some of you may remember that Phoem was a model for a line of Samsung ads that year. But that's not what we came here for. These are:

The photos were taken by lensman Adam Watson.

2)   And now, we present you with The Perks Of Being...

NEXT: The babes of November 2004!

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