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10 Years Ago In FHM History: The October 2004 Issue!

#TBT Time: FHM's October 2004 issue had television's first openly bisexual host, a ton of tips on how to dump your GF, and our 30th anniversary tribute to the PBA!
by Gelo Gonzales | Oct 9, 2014
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Hey fellas, it's Thursday! That means tomorrow is Friday. But more importantly, it's time for another edition of the FHM Throwback Machine!

With the release of FHM's October 2014 issue about a week ago, featuring the land's hottest volleybelle, Rachel Anne Daquis (and her embarrassingly toned midsection), it's time to revisit the sexy ghosts of FHM past! 

Join us as we dial the clock back by 10 years, flip through the dusty pages of FHM's October 2004 issue, and see what manners of kabalastugan we were up to back in the day!

1)   First, the cover girl, Avi Siwa

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Some say that she's Tuesday Vargas' hotter twin. We knew her as television's first openly bisexual presenter, helming the first gay-oriented show on local TV called Out. Her shoot took place at a watering hole in Glorietta called V Bar. More importantly, we found out from her that being creative might just turn you gay one day. She goes: "Working with all the creative people—in the modeling industry and others—just does things to you."

Check out some of her shots:

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2)   You know what else might cause your girl to go lesbian? Your constant bouts with premature ejaculation

Thankfully, everyone's fave sex expert Asia Agcaoili, had some wise words for us. Thank you, Asia!

Her advice then is still relevant today:

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3)   As mentioned in Asia's sex column, some men think of dead babies and child support to ward off the "big bang." Below is our own suggestion in our List Of Things To Envision To Prolong Copulation:

His name is Jay Cutler, an American champion bodybuilder who tells us all about his excruciating body-building routine in that month's Bionic section.

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4)   Okay, okay, no more pictures of Schwarzenegger-esque fellas. Here's something to clean your taste buds: 

Get ready to Google "Ase Wang," bros. She's a Singaporean actress who's also squarely in the anti-pickup-line camp:

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5)   And now an inappropriate
hirit: Check out a young Derek Ramsay below whose Oakley glasses clearly didn't help him see that her ex-wife Maria Christine Jolly would come at him with a legal smackdown in the future

NEXT: Your favorite section (ahem Ladies' Con) involves an orgy and a videocam

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