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10 Years Ago In FHM History: The September 2004 Issue

In an issue that features Mariel de Palma on the cover, we teach you the ways of carving abs and being a cheapskate among other things!  
by Gelo Gonzales | Sep 11, 2014
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With the release of a new issue last week, we once again turn back the clock by 10 years, and look at the things we were up to way, way back in September 2004.

Buckle up, loosen your jeans, and prepare for a gapang-filled adventure courtesy of our throwback cover girl, Mariel de Palma, a morena beauty who starred in a titillating film called Tag-init. This and a whole lot more in this photo-laden blast from the past!

1)   First, the cover:

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Then, the inside photos. Photographed by Xander Angeles, Mariel had to tap into her inner animal with a shoot that evokes images of Malakas at Maganda—mainly, maganda.

We clearly had a tree-climbing fetish then. Says Mariel regarding the akyat-puno challenge: "Ayokong-ayoko kasing nakakakita ng taong ang daming kiyeme. Kaya ako, go lang ng go. Shoot sa ulan? Go! Akyat sa puno? Go!"

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2)   It was also a time when Russians tried to invade the world of pop with sexual imagery—a feat that Korean girl groups would fully accomplish in later years.

Here's how they tried to do it:

Video via Nobi Ta

3)   We also implored you to get revenge on people you don't like by pulling that ol' deadly-snake-in-a-box trick.

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4)   Continuing our up-to-no-good ways, we urged you to quit your day job, and become a rapper instead. The man below is Denmark, who was a banker-turned-hip-hop-giant. Okay, "giant" may be taking it too far, but he did earn up to P50,000 at gigs.

5)   Menchu Antigua, who hosted that year's batch of 100 Sexiest parties, was the first girl you get to meet in the issue. We wonder how many girls still say "I'm more of a sisig-and-beer kind of girl" in this day and age.

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6)   With no Facebook yet to post your nude photos on, some of you turned to us, and sent us the compromising photos via mail. We obliged, and it made Maricel Soriano very happy.

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