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11 Signs You And Your Girlfriend Are Not Meant To Be

You might want to review your relationship
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1) You feel disconnected in conversations.
While talking about trivial and funny things with your significant other is a good thing, having deep and meaningful conversations is more important. It’s during these conversations where you get to understand your partner on a different level.

2) She brings you down often.
She doesn't help and encourage you to reach for your dreams. Keep in mind that the right woman should be your greatest supporter and will be there for you during the good times and bad.

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3) You feel alone even if you two are together.

Relationship expert and author Margaret Paul, Ph.D. says that you can be lonely even if you’re in a relationship. The possible reason is that you’re trying to protect yourself from any kind of pain. “You may feel lonely with your partner if your heart is closed because you are protecting yourself from hurt with your anger or withdrawal. You cannot connect when you are closed and protected.”

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4) There’s no longer a deep attraction between you and her.
This goes beyond the kilig factor. Whether that’s physically or emotionally–if you don’t find your girlfriend attractive anymore, it could mean that the feelings have simply faded away. If you still want to make things work, try going out on dates and relive the good times to once again spark the flames of romance.


5) You’ve sacrificed your values just to keep the relationship.
If she doesn’t respect your values and is forcing you to change so you two can stay aligned, then you’re better off without her. Look for a woman who will respect your decision and beliefs.

6) You can never agree even with the smallest matters

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...which could lead to mini fights and larger issues. Writer and relationship coach Tony Stoneking says fighting is immature and will only create a bigger problem rather than finding a solution for it. He suggests you look at “how you treat each other in those times shows whether you care more about yourself or her. Talk through differences, be kind and giving. Gentleness is the key.”

7) Silences can be awkward and uncomfortable.
Silence in a relationship can be special. It is when you still feel the love and flow of emotions without the need to speak. Feeling awkward during long pauses can mean that you’re not yet at that point of a relationship where you two can be comfortable with silence.

8) Her ideals are very different from yours.
Having different opinions on certain issues can somehow raise heated arguments. If your partner is more inclined to getting her way rather than finding a common ground, just walk out. It's possible to live harmoniously even when you disagree. You both aim to work it out properly.

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9) You feel like there’s something missing.

Do you feel off about your relationship? Is there something bothering you but just couldn’t figure out what it is? Resmaa Menakem, author of the book Rock The Boat says there are deeper reasons why you feel that there’s something missing in your relationship because someone else chose this for you or that one of you is not fully committed.

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10) Your family and friends don’t support your relationship.
If your love ones think that there’s something off with your relationship and doesn’t approve of it, you have to reconsider the thought of staying with your partner. Sometimes, they see something you don’t since they’re the ones who could see from outside the relationship. They only want the best for you. Plus, everything about your relationship feels right if you have their approval.

11) She verbally abuses you.
You deserve someone better. Don’t settle!

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