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11 Ways You Can Impress The Lady You Fancy, According To Women

Don't try too hard
by Mary Rose A. Hogaza | Mar 20, 2017
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Sometimes, out of our desire to impress the opposite sex, we end up being too boastful for our own good. There's a fine line between sounding admirable and coming off as a blowhard. If you cross that line, you run the risk of turning off women rather than making them interested in you.

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Most of us are still dumbfounded by this familiar scenario, and want to do it the right way. To solve this ever-challenging puzzle, we mustered the courage to ask 11 females how men blow them away.

Turns out, catching a woman's fancy isn't that difficult. It is actually as simple as being a decent person.

“Be concerned and try to learn more about our areas of interest. Too often, people try to impress others with the brag-a-thon method, but in reality, it's much better to make others feel like they are worthwhile, too.” —Ara, 25

“A man showing his appreciation by backing up his words is far more charming. That means he can provide, and that he’s serious about you and him maintaining a relationship together.” —Dawn, 26

“Kindness. My mother has always said you can tell a lot about a man by how he treats animals. This extends to how he is with waiters at restaurants, children and babies at the mall. I know you can be kind to me because you want to get into my pants. So being good-natured to others is more impressive in my book.” —Jane, 28

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“Clever and decent pick-up lines. Some things men say make me really uncomfortable, but a few smart quips can humor me. I love creativity!” —Marian, 21

“Remembering small details from past conversations, bringing them up, and acting on them. It could be weeks later and my boyfriend will refer to something I mentioned in a normal everyday conversation. It makes me realize how much he’s listening and truly cares.” —Desiree, 24


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“Being a good conversationalist is always good, at least half of the art is actually asking good questions and being a good listener. Relax and be natural. Do not feel you need to read from a script to use lines. Let the conversation take its own course.” —Danica, 27

“As far as first dates go, it means a lot when the guy actually tries and puts effort into it. Picking me up and taking me to a place to eat. Even if we just stay home and give cooking a go, I appreciate it a lot and take it into consideration.” —Chelsea, 30

“A man who can fend for himself, like someone who can cook, clean up, and pay bills. Simply put, be a capable adult.” —LJ, 30

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“Not being afraid to be affectionate in public and in front of people he knows. I’m not talking full-on PDA, but holding hands, arms around your waist, little things that show other people that we’re together—that’s a good thing.” —Karen, 19

“Give me a compliment that isn’t about my body. If a guy tells me how nice my smile is or how beautiful may eyes are, I will be more flattered than him praising how great my figure is.” —Patricia, 31

“Giving up your seat for someone who really needs it on the train or bus. Simple but a real turn-on.” —Cheska, 22


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