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12 Signs You're Dating A High-Maintenance Girl

No.4: She wants you to always pick her up and drop her off. There's no meeting halfway.
| Aug 5, 2015
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Girls are hard to understand. And things get even harder when you're dating a *DUNDUNDUN* high-maintenance woman. Consider yourself lucky if you've never been in a relationship with one.

Otherwise, we're sure you'll be able to relate to this list from

1)   You are required to greet her good morning every day.
Because you should think of her as soon as you wake up.

2)   You have to reply to your partner ASAP.
Because you shouldn't be ignoring her or doing anything that will make her feel like she's ignored.

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3)   You have to use smiley faces, emojis, and Facebook stickers. You can't just say "I'm okay." It has to be "I'm okay :)" or "I'm okay! <3"

4)   She wants you to always pick her up and drop her off.
There's no meeting halfway.

5)   Meaning, you have to have a car.
"THINK OF ALL THE THINGS YOU CAN DO WITH A CAR!!!" her mind's telling her.

6)   You have to pay for your dates all the time, even if she's earning too.

7)    You must not take her to a fast food chain.
She NEEDS to be in some place she can at least fit in and be comfortable, and NOT eat junk food WITH HER BARE HANDS.

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8)   You have to bring something for her family when you visit her place. If you don't keep her family happy and impressed, she's going to confront you and make you feel bad about your lack of thoughtfulness.

9)   You have to get her approval when you'll go out with your friends.
Because you shouldn't be going out with the friends she doesn't like and trust. She knows all too well that she's the only good influence in your life, after all.

10)   You have to know what she wants for birthday, anniversary, and Christmas, and you should absolutely give it to her.
Or have you NOT been listening to the hints she's been dropping all year?

11)   You have to tell her you love her every day.
A day shouldn’t go by without people saying those three words to their loved ones. What if something bad happened and that person didn’t feel loved beforehand?

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12)   You have to say it first most of the time
. At least you don’t have to be first all the time, right? She likes it when you say you love her (you think). When you say it, she feels like everything in the world feels all right; she feels invincible (erm, right, girls?). She needs that love and assurance from you, the guy she loves, like no other and her favorite person in the world.

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