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12 Women Share Their Steamy Secret Sex Fantasies

It would serve you well to take down some notes
by Cheekie Albay | Apr 29, 2018
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You think your partner’s 100 percent satisfied in the sack, but what do you really know about the secret thoughts that turn her on? You might be surprised to learn that she’s actually itching for a public romp, or that the prospect of you making out with another man gets her bothered like no other.

Yes, these are real things Pinays revealed to us when we asked them to spill their secret sex fantasies. Read on for 12 women’s detailed descriptions, and maybe have pen and paper at the ready so you can take down notes. You know, in the name of research.

Delivery Guy Dreams

“I have this fantasy of doing it with a food delivery guy. I’d be horny one day and think of having food delivered so I could lure the delivery guy to bed. Once he got to my apartment, I’d answer the door in just a white T-shirt with nothing underneath. I’d tell him I had to get money from my bag, and that he was welcome to come inside and put the food down on the dining table. The cute yet shy and innocent delivery guy would politely oblige, and once I had him inside my apartment, I would tease him until we were banging. And then he’d leave and I’d go on with my day like nothing happened.” – Cathy, 33

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The Beachside Bang

“One of my recurring fantasies is just doing it outdoors where there’s a huge chance there’s someone watching us from a distance. I imagine going to a mostly deserted beach with my boyfriend and having a one-minute quickie where I would stand and hold on to a tree trunk for support while he rammed into me from behind like there was no one around. I might just do it one day, but certainly not at a beach filled with people. I’m not that stupid.” – Penny, 34

Adventures In The Concrete Jungle

“I’m into danger and adventure, so I find doing it in a public space really hot, but think concrete jungle more than actual jungle. I’d like to be pulled by my guy away from the dance floor and out to the curb, where he’d just do whatever he wanted with me.” – Louise, 20

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Seduced By A Stranger

“Once when I went to a party on my own, I imagined meeting a guy there who had also gone the party on his own. We’d end up dancing side by side, and when the party ended, we would introduce ourselves to each other. Next thing you know, we’re sharing a cab and making out torridly, unable to take our hands off each other, until we got to my apartment and went all the way there.” – Janice, 24

Audience Appeal

“I fantasize about doing it on a bus or train, my fantasies fueled by the Japanese concept of chikan which refers to an obscene act done in public settings like public transport. I’ve seen chikan in videos, and a common theme I fantasize about is being one girl in one car of a train surrounded by businessmen. I like the idea of one guy doing it to me in such a public place, with everyone in the car in on it as spectators and surrounding us as we do it.” – Kira, 21

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Dalliance With The DILF

“At my son’s school, I would always see this super-hot DILF with a tall, lean frame and to-die-for eyes. I haven’t ever spoken to him because his son’s not in the same grade as my son, but he has no idea that I’ve been fantasizing about just creeping off to an empty classroom with him and having hot, urgent sex while keeping our clothes on. Just thinking about it makes me all tingly down there.” – Apple, 32


Exxxtra Service

“I imagine going to a massage place and asking to be serviced by a male masahista because I’m athletic and I prefer a heavier hand during massages. I’d be completely naked with a sheet covering me, and the masahista would begin giving me a full-body massage. Then he’d graze my breasts, and later his hands would travel to my crotch, and the whole time I wouldn’t complain because I was turned on. He would justify what he was doing as him giving me a ‘yoni massage,’ which is a sensual massage that pays attention to the private parts. I would start moaning with his movements, and I would sense him getting aroused as well. He would finger me, I would give him a blowjob, and we would end up doing it, naturally.” – Gigi, 27

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Road Trip Romp

“I’ve been in love with this guy for a long time. I imagine him telling me, ‘Hey, let’s go and run away somewhere, just the two of us.’ I immediately pack my bags and am ready to go, with not a care what happens to us as long as we’re together. We’d be in the car, we’d start kissing, and we’d end up having sex—and I’ve never had car sex so that’s certainly on my bucket list. I haven’t heard from this guy in years, though. And I know I’ll never end up with him because he has really high standards and comes from a solid Christian family.” – Emma, 30

The Family That Plays Together…

“I have fantasies about my second cousin. He’s an athlete like me, and he’s super hot. One time we were drinking, just the two of us, and he kissed me. Later, he apologized for what happened. Nothing happened ultimately, but doing it with him continues to be a fantasy.” – Kate, 26

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Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

“I’d be in a bar, I’d lock eyes with a girl I really like, and I’d find out later in the night that we have common friends. We’d join our group of common friends and start actively flirting in front of everyone in the group. After that, I’d invite her to my place. I’d go down on her and pin her down and be a total dom. Even as we had sex, we’d also be getting to know each other, and we’d end up orgasming 10 times. I’m queer but I haven’t had sex with a woman yet, so that’s really a fantasy for me.” – Sarah, 21

Starry, Starry Night

“I’d want to do it under the stars, somewhere we can see the Milky Way and the crescent moon in the sky. We’d be lying on the sand while drunk and talk about anything and everything. We’d look up to the sky, feel the magic of the moment, and start doing it.” – Cess, 21

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Group Effort

“I want to watch two guys make out. In my fantasy, both of them are bearded, muscular, hot manly men, and I’d just be there watching them. They start having hot sex, and I’d join them and make it a threesome. Another fantasy I’m fond of is bukake, or gang bang, but maybe let’s not to get into that.” - Cynthia, 25

Names have been changed and interviews edited for clarity.

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