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13 Millennials Confess Their Worst Fears About Sex

Be warned—the stories here range from funny to downright disturbing
by Chandra Pepino | Jun 3, 2018
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After all these years, with full-time jobs and thoughts of the far future creeping into our minds, there are some things that will always be scary. Will the Earth remain livable within the next five decades? Will we ever find our purpose in life? What are hot dogs really made of, anyway? And even though we all like to think we’ve got sex down pat, there are some things about it that will never not be terrifying. These 13 millennials prove that it’s not only what’s under the bed that scares them... it’s what happens under the sheets, too.

“I lost my virginity when I was only 15 years old. At that point all I knew about sex was what I saw in porn. I was really scared that I wouldn’t be able to last at least 45 minutes like the men in those videos. Needless to say, I came in under 5 minutes. I apologized profusely to the girl. So until now, when I’m having sex with a new person, I still beat myself up mentally when I come too quickly.” — John, 25

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“Well, what are all girls afraid of? Getting pregnant, of course. I take birth control pills religiously, and I never have sex without a condom. But one time, my period came eight days late. That entire time, I was researching adoption centers, rehearsing how to tell my parents, and agonizing with my then-boyfriend about what the fuck we were gonna do. When my period finally came, it felt like a miracle. But we had a long dry spell after that.” — Tisha, 27

“I used to be overweight, bordering on obese. It was only last year that I lost 60 pounds, and my family was so proud of me, saying, ‘Ayan anak, sa wakas magkaka-girlfriend ka na.’ And true enough, girls began to approach me. But I’m very afraid to show them my stretch marks and my loose, sagging skin. They’re an ugly reminder of how badly I once treated my body. So I keep my shirt on during sex.” — Martin, 22

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“In the weeks leading up to my period, my vagina emits this very fishy smell. These past few years I’ve tried everything to fix it—feminine washes, diet changes, panty liners, the works—but my OB says it’s hormonal and there’s not much that can be done. One time, a guy tried to go down on me and recoiled when he got a whiff of my nether regions. I was so embarrassed that I started crying. Now I’m too insecure to receive oral.” — Aly, 24

“I’m 26 years old and I still haven’t had sex. So what scares me about it? Uh, basically everything.” — JM, 26

“When I was 18, my parents and siblings walked in on me and my boyfriend having sex. My dad and I fought for weeks afterwards, and I was so embarrassed and chastised by the whole experience. Can you imagine anything worse? Since then, I’ve sworn off any kind of sex where you had the potential to get caught. Car sex? Bathroom sex? No bueno.” — Maria, 22

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“My then-boyfriend and I once had an intense fight in a motel. It was supposed to be a fun staycation, but we ended up shouting at and hitting one another. It got so bad that he attempted to hang himself in front of me. Eventually I was a crying mess, on my knees saying sorry to him. He grabbed the back of my head and forced me to give him a blowjob while I was still crying. Now blowjobs scare the hell out of me.” — Pat, 24

“I’m really scared that the girls I have sex with are just faking intercourse-induced orgasms. Lots of girls do, right? It’s not always possible for them to come through intercourse, I know, but it’s not helpful to ask them if they faked it, either. So I sorta just go with it. But as a fairly inexperienced guy who’s still figuring things out, it’s always in the back of my mind.” — Gerald, 24

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“I had a cousin who sexually molested me as a kid (I was 8, he was 14). He dipped the tip of his dick into a bowl of ice cream and asked me to lick it. So when some of my more experimental sexual partners try to incorporate food like whipped cream or chocolate syrup into sex, I clam up. I just get really bad flashbacks.” — Moira, 21

“I have a lot of strange kinks. I like sucking toes and spitting into people’s mouths and stuff. And it’s always hard to gauge whether a new partner will be into something or not. One time, I asked a girl to stick her finger in my butt. She was visibly unnerved and gathered her clothes immediately. I know kinks aren’t for everyone, but I was really hurt by that, so I’m too scared to do any of them now.” — Mike, 25

“I’m always terrified when guys pin my wrists down during sex. It’s a total lack of control, like he’s having sex with me without my consent. That never fails to kill the mood for me.” — Jillian, 22

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“What scares me about sex isn’t the sex, but the conversation that often happens afterwards— figuring out whether they wanna stay, asking if they need anything, or even just that post-sex pillow talk. I’m not a good conversationalist, so either I say stupid shit or I’m too quiet.” — Francis, 20

“Sex with the lights on. That’s something I’ve never done. I’m too insecure of my body to attempt it, even if it should be so simple.” — Camie, 22

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