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13 Of The Steamiest Summer Hook Up Stories From Women

Quench your thirst
by Chandra Pepino | Mar 4, 2018
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Have you noticed the weather changing lately? Your electricity bill is soaring, your go-to café choice is iced over hot, and you’d sooner slit your throat than attempt to ride the MRT at 1:00 PM. Summer is afoot once again, and with this hot weather comes a fresh crate of hot hookup stories to quench your thirst (and your thirst). Below, 13 women share their sexy tales:

The school service sex session

“My high school boyfriend and I were really reckless—we attended an ultraconservative Christian school, so our sexual desires were pretty repressed. On the last day of school, while everyone was busy packing their things and saying goodbye to classmates, he led me inside one of the school service vehicles, where he fingered me until I came all over him. We knew we wouldn’t see each other over the summer (he was going to the States), so we made the most of it!” — Keisha, 23

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The airplane oppa

“On a flight from Singapore to Manila, I was randomly seated next to this super cute Korean guy. Over the course of the flight, he helped me with my carry-on baggage, offered me his blanket, and lent me his pen when we were filling up immigration cards. I didn’t know if he was being malandi or just nice, so when the cabin crew dimmed the lights, I ‘accidentally’ fell asleep on his shoulder. When the plane landed, he asked if I wanted to come to his hotel room, where we had some really amazing sex. He comes to the Philippines every month, and says he wants to see me every time.” — Cheska, 22

The study buddies

“My then-boyfriend and I were reviewing for the UP and Ateneo entrance exams over the summer. Our review center was located in a pretty abandoned building with a large fire exit. During breaks, we used to sneak in there and have quickies. It was hot, but it was also hot. One time, we nearly got caught because someone was smoking in the stairwell below us.” — Allaine, 20

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The cheating foreigner

“Fresh from a breakup with my ex, I was dragged by my friends to a rooftop nightclub in Poblacion. There, I met this super-hot Welsh dude. We flirted, made out on the dance floor, and decided we should take our ‘party’ someplace else. Right before we were about to do the deed, he quickly confessed that he had a girlfriend back home. ‘I hope you don’t have a problem with that,’ he said. Of course I did! I shoved him off me and took an Uber back to the club. Bye!” — Maria, 22

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Basta (tabi ng) driver, sweet lover”

“The guy I was dating was pretty horny one summer night, so we took a jeepney to the nearest motel (we both still lived with our families). I guess he couldn’t wait until we got there, because I felt his fingers going up my thighs and pulling aside my panties while we were still on the jeep. We were seated in front, right next to the driver, so I had to use my backpack to cover up what we were doing. I didn’t come because I was too nervous, but he made up for that when we got to the motel.” — Rachelle, 24

The Drake enthusiast

“I was at the club one night when I saw this guy dancing along to Drake’s ‘One Dance.’ He was really feeling it—he looked like an idiot and the whole club was loving it. Because I was already drunk, I joined him. We were the center of attention on that dance floor for a while. When the song changed, he leaned in to kiss me, and we ended up in my condo later on. The sex wasn’t super great, but I’ll never forget that stupid dance.” — Elaine, 22

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The wham, bam, thank you, ma’am

“I once had what I like to call a super-efficient Tinder date. The guy knew what he wanted, he asked for it, and he got it. We matched, talked, and met up on the same day. After only half an hour at the bar we agreed to meet up in, he asked me if he could walk me to my apartment. When we got there, he looked me in the eye and asked point-blank, ‘Would you like to fuck me now?’ He was asking for consent, but he made it sound soooo sexy. We hooked up a few more times after that.” — Josephine, 24

The Boracay blowjob

“During Laboracay a few years ago, I ran into my ex of all people. We knew we still had feelings for each other, but we had broken up because both our parents disapproved of our relationship. After some hesitant flirtation, I confessed that I still loved him and didn’t want to let him go. He said he felt the same way. We went back to his hotel room and had the best sex we’d ever had with each other, probably because we knew it would be one of our last. It was.” — Heart, 23

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The lesbian rebound

“One night at a BGC club, I needed to use the bathroom. The queue was long and all the cubicles were constantly taken, save for one cubicle which had no door (I guess someone had drunkenly destroyed it earlier). I couldn’t hold my pee any longer, so I went ahead and used that cubicle in full view of everyone. The drunk girls started laughing and whooping hysterically. When I returned to the dance floor, one girl tapped me on the shoulder and said, ‘Hey, you had cute panties back there.’ I’m straight, but we did make out for a bit. That was fun.” — Kate, 22

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The office admirer

“A year ago, I worked for a small startup in Makati, where there were only 10 employees. I had a crush on one of them for the longest time. One April evening, it was just him and me in that small office. There was a lot of eye contact at first, until he stood up, walked into the pantry, and signaled for me to follow. We were afraid of getting caught, so we only got to make out. He’s still one of the best kissers I’ve ever met.” — Ishah, 23

The sick boy

“My then-boyfriend and I were kind of in a long-distance relationship—he lived in Marikina, I lived in Cavite—so we only saw (and had sex with) each other on Wednesdays. One Tuesday night, he said he wouldn’t be able to make it because he had the chickenpox. But I missed him so much that I went all the way to Marikina the next day to have sex with him anyway. It was a 4-hour commute, but I didn’t care. Besides, I already had chickenpox in the past. That was a crazy thing to do, though!” — Lea, 21

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The kababayan

“I hadn’t been to my home town in over five years, so I was surprised to find that my childhood crush was still living there—and damn, did puberty hit him like a truck. He probably had a girlfriend or something, but we hung out anyway. We ended up holding hands and kissing as we lay in the back of his pickup truck, looking at the stars.” — Nadine, 23

The Hong Kong hookup

“I was in the Lan Kwai Fong district in Hong Kong, which is known for its nightlife. I changed my Tinder bio so that guys nearby would know I’d be there that night. One of my matches came to meet me there—this super cute guy from San Francisco—and he told me he couldn’t believe a girl like me was single. I fell for his bolero charms, and after a few overpriced cocktails, he asked me to come back to his hotel room. He did all the things I liked—hair pulling, choking, rough thrusting—and I was exhausted well until my flight back home the following afternoon.” — Chay, 25

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