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20 Pinays Reveal The Strange And Unlikely Things That Turn Them On

FYI: Not all women are attracted to traditional qualities
by Cheekie Albay | Apr 9, 2018
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Some turn-ons are universally recognized by womankind, like a hot bod and a knee-weakening smile, but other turn-ons are a bit harder to explain, like veiny forearms and…the ability to scarf down two cheeseburgers in quick succession?

Below, we got 20 Pinays to reveal the unlikely things that turn them on, from physical qualities to personality traits to that random thing some guy once did that she’s never been able to forget. Disclaimer: These weird turn-ons certainly don’t apply to all women, so please don’t come crying to us if you try to get with a girl by reciting the quadratic formula from memory and she just walks out on you.

The ladies have spoken: They get hot and bothered when you show off your smarts.

“I love it when a guy talks about something that he’s such an expert on, and when I learn something new from him with every conversation. Tapos mapapatawa pa niya ako? BOOM. SOLD.” – Anya, 27

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“I like it when a guy reads articles, both print and online, and is so opinionated when it comes to current events and pop culture. It’s like OMG, he’s smart AND can take a stand!” – Ishi, 27

“It really turns me on when a guy outsmarts me, that’s why I fell in love with my husband. For instance, when it comes to US politics, which he knows a lot about, he predicted Trump’s win, an outcome I had always denied was possible the moment I learned that he was running.” – Jenny, 36

If you’re well-versed in certain subjects? They’ll be putty in your hands.

“I get super turned on when a guy talks about psychology or behavioral economics, which I’m deeply fascinated by. If I find a guy who is just the same, I feel like I’ve found a soulmate because it’s not everybody’s cup of tea.” – Karla, 28

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“I find it sexy when a guy talks to me about scientific facts. I love science, but most guys I know are into math more. Speak science to me, papi!” – Via, 28

“I love it when a man is so good with numbers, he can compute everything in his head. Balance my books, boo!” – Charlene, 37

Show ‘em the skills you’ve got and they’ll be all, “TEACH ME, SENPAI.”

“I get super turned on when he’s teaching me how to do something, and when I do it according to his preference, he gives me that ‘Good girl!’ seal of approval. Yes! I’m your good girl!” – Rina, 27

They like it when you get a little—or a lot—dirty. 

“Weird, but I actually like the sweaty guy smell.” – Nikki, 24

“Is it weird that I find it totally sexy when a man is slightly madungis? My husband participated in this Spartan race in Malaysia. After two hours, he walked up to me, covered with mud from head to toe, with some scratches here and there, and he was holding up his race medal for me to see and eating a ripe banana to fuel up again. I swear, I wanted to jump on top of him right then and there, strip off his dirty compression suit, and roll in the mud with him, in front of all the locals, expats, and tourists.” – Kath, 32

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Those veiny hands? LAGLAG-PANTY, GUARANTEED.

“I find it oddly attractive when a guy has nice, veiny forearms and hands. You can catch my eye with your looks, but my eyes will be glued if you have sexy man hands!” – B, 27

“Yung ugat sa kamay or forearm na hindi yatot. Tapos ‘pag may hawak na Pale Pilsen, I die. Parang kaya niya akong alagaan. Lalaking-lalaki. Plus, drinking Pale is significant because it alludes to tradition—and it’s sexy when he respects tradition. – Lou, 37

They love it when you’re handy, because hello, husband material!

“Computer geek! ‘Yung kayang ayusin ang computer pag nag-crash or whatever. Generally, ‘yung maraming alam ayusin: gadgets, appliances, cars, and even broken tiles and leaks.” – Frances, 29

“I love it when the guy is so good with directions, I don’t have to worry about getting lost.” – Ishi, 27


On the flip side, seeing you shed the macho exterior can also make them weak in the knees.

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“I instantly get attracted to a man when I see him being playful with animals, specifically cats…and when I see that the cat is comfortable being around him.” – May, 28

“I’m so turned on by men who are so comfortable with their sexuality that they can like female pop music, or find other guys attractive, or dress up and not think it’s ‘gay’ to do so. One time I was watching a gay sex scene with a guy, and I expected him to be uncomfortable the way an ex-boyfriend was while watching Brokeback Mountain. I told him about my observation, and he replied, ‘Why would I feel uncomfortable? It’s just sex.’ Such a turn-on.” – Patty, 34

“I love it when a man says he’s a feminist. Marry me!!!” – Ishi, 27

So go ahead and rock the color wheel—girls dig it!

“I get turned on when a guy looks manly AF in pink.” – Karla, 28

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“I love a guy who can easily pull off bright colors.” – Allysa, 18

Dad bods, good news: That belly can be a major ladykiller.

“I like the combo of a toned back with a soft belly. The toned back looks sexy and strong, but the soft belly is a nice balance to all that sexiness—comfy to squeeze and lay down on, and playfully bite when I get gigil. Soft bellies make me feel nice and warm.” – Bianca, 26

In fact, your bottomless appetite can actually be pretty sexy.

“I like it when he finishes my food when I can’t. Feeling ko ako si Jane and siya si Tarzan.” – Ishi, 27

“I love it when he gets so excited about the grossest, oiliest, most carbo-loaded food. When he tells me he’s craving a cheeseburger and proceeds to order not one, but two of them, it’s SO HOT.” – Patty, 34

Being a bit of a dork can actually work in your favor.

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“I love it when he can make me laugh by making dorky jokes that make me say ‘OH MY GOD, YOU’RE SO ANNOYING!’ Yet, he’s still so confident in his annoying joke and overall annoying-ness.” – Bianca, 26

“Super turned on ako sa baduy, like probinsyanong baduy, as in with old-fashioned, straight-from-the-barrio tastes! I might go, ‘OMG, you’re so baduy!’ pero kinikilig ako inside.” – Abigail, 33

NVM if you have resting sad face—somewhere out there is a girl who is absolutely living for that long face.

“I like it when a guy has sad eyes or a sad-looking face. So freaking attractive!” – Meki, 24

“Guys who are tall, lanky, and melancholic-looking—plus points if he’s playing the guitar or bass—really turn me on. It’s like I want to tell him, ‘I’m here; you can lean on me.’” – Joan, 34

Lastly, those little movements you make? They may mean nothing to you, but to her, they could be TOTAL OVARY DESTROYERS.

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“I like it when a guy crosses his legs like a lady, with his elbow on his knee, then sort of touches his hair, looking so feminine and manly at the same time.” – Pearl, 31

“When he puts his arm behind the passenger seat before looking back to reverse the vehicle. For me, a lot of men look so hot while doing that. You can see how their shoulders and arms flex, and the focus they put into reversing—the way they look around and glance at the mirror every other second—adds to it. Oh, and don’t forget that last swift move where he pulls the handbrake when he’s finished parking. That’s like the cherry on top.” – Allysa, 18

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