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20 Signs You’ve Met The Woman You Should Marry, According To Married Men

A checklist for the indecisive
by James Wong | Jun 1, 2018
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Find us a guy who says he has always known that his wife is the one, and you’ve found us a liar. We all have those moments of doubt no matter how stable our relationships are. The good news is that those feelings are completely normal. Breathe, calm down, and take a look at these 20 signs that you’ve met the woman you should spend the rest of your life with, according to our married bros. You don’t need to check each and every one off, but if you find yourself shaking your head to all of them, then it might be time to start googling "best ways to break up." On the other hand, if you’re lucky enough to tick off over 70 percent, well then start saving because engagement rings don’t come cheap.

She’s the first person you want to tell when something happens to you

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"Promotion at work or fight with my brother, she is the first person I call when I have news that's good or bad. When I was single I’d casually tell my roommate when I got home, but now I subconsciously decide to celebrate or offload with her first." - Mark, 32

Spending a day with her is better than spending a day with anyone else

"You'll know you've found the one when you had one day off the entire month, and you would choose to spend it with your girl over anyone else in your life." - JM, 30

You smile at the thought of being old with her

"Grey hair, rocking chairs, and a house in the countryside…if she’s the one that you picture there with you then you should probably keep her around." - John, 29  

You have experienced time apart

"My girl and I spent a significant time apart and maintained a long distance relationship before getting married. There, we realized that we both have the strength and determination to put effort into our relationship. That also made us appreciate being together in person so much more, which is great for the long run." - Adrian, 35

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You have the same sex drive

"There are going to be times during your relationship when sex is at its most passionate, and times when it’s non-existent. However, as long as you both understand that and are compatible sexually then things will pick up no matter how long a drought." - Dennis, 32

You compromise for each other

"No two people are exactly the same, not even twins. Put a man and woman together from different backgrounds and you can imagine the disagreements. The key is compromise, from both parties. If you can agree to meeting in the middle you have the foundation for a great relationship." - James, 30

You both want the same important things

"Okay, so disagreeing on movies or furniture is fine, but when it comes to the big picture you’ll want to be on the same page. That means kids, where you live, and where you want the relationship to go." - Ryan, 36

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You genuinely miss her

"When she’s out with the girls or visiting her grandparents, I genuinely miss her when we're apart. Not in a way that I miss my buddies or parents, but in a way that kind of aches a little bit but I don’t want to make a big deal and ruin her trip." - Carlo, 30

You need "you time", just with her close by

"You love sitting in the garden with a beer, or going for a long run. But at the end of it you want to see her face when you get in or know she’s in the house. It feels comforting." - Paul, 35

You know all her friends, even the ones you haven’t met

"When we’re into someone we take a deep interest in all aspects of their life. So if you know all about her ex-colleagues crazy break up or her aunt’s new beach house, or you can name her friend’s boyfriends; that means you’re smitten." - Fred, 39

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You don’t really care about other girls

"It’s natural to enjoy a bit of eye candy and save FHM’s sexiest list to your phone, but when it comes to getting to know other girls on an emotional level I couldn’t care less. Why exchange numbers with a hottie at the gym when I already have my favorite person on speed dial?" - Jim, 31

She makes you laugh

"Couples who laugh are generally happier people (no-brainer, really!). Does she make you chuckle and vice versa? You’ve probably had too much fun to notice." - Gab, 30

You let her see you at your worst

"Crying, man-flu, or a horrific boil on your face. You let her see the parts of you that most other people don’t see, and somehow she just seems to make everything better." - Jolo, 33

You are a better version of yourself

"Maybe you’ve realized you’re suddenly less selfish, or she’s encouraged you to push for that promotion, or even just got you to eat more greens. Overall, you’re the best version of yourself since she came into your life." - Michael, 35

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You fight

"It’s not the fighting we’re getting at here; it’s how you handle it. Conflict will happen no matter how laid back you are, but as long as you both find the right way to discuss and handle it, then things will be just fine." - Jam, 34

You keep remembering why you fell in love with her

"We all get comfortable, but occasionally outside of routine and by surprise, you’ll have that super fun date, or see her get dressed up and realize that you’re falling in love with her all over again. Propose na!" - Josh, 37

There are no games

"No making each other jealous, no ignoring, no drama. Love doesn’t need to be crazy to be passionate." - Tom, 29

You want your parents to meet her

"I knew she was the one when I couldn't wait to bring her to family events. I'm even happy that they are close and that they even have her number. She’s going to be part of the family, after all." - Frank, 30

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You’re getting your finances together

"Marriage requires a level of security—even nomad hippie types need a safe nest eventually. If you’re getting your finances together, then you’re already thinking of long-term commitment." - Ian, 30

You trust her, and vice versa

"Without trust, there is no true romantic relationship. You both are devoted to each other and nobody else can come between you, no matter how hard they try. That is the kind of love that is unbreakable." - Rob, 32


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